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  1. Richard Savery

    Hi Paolo, all the details that will be given are listed above, just to keep everyone on the same page.
    Once the entries are in members will vote on the best track, using the details above, so just try and interpret the gameplay pace as most makes sense based on the theme.

  2. Corinita Reyes

    For the sound design portion, if the asset is repeated, does that mean you need to make a different sound? such as the fanfare for next event is repeated, so does there need to be separate fanfares? When we submit them do you want them all submitted on one track one after the other? Lastly do you want us to loop the music so you can hear how it loops? Thank you!

  3. Richard Savery

    Repeating it, or doing a different version, or a new version, whatever seems the most appropriate.

    Definitely all submitted in one track. No need to loop the music, just send as a 60 second track.

  4. Couchard Thomas

    Hello, I would really like to do it but I can’t attend GDC (I live in France and I can’t afford it since I’m just out of school). Is it possible to still submit something and somehow get feedback by mail or something?

    Or else, just get access to the thing so I could do it and maybe use it as some kind of portfolio stuff. even if I can’t submit it?

    Thank you.

  5. Derek Chisholm

    Total newb needing some clarification… so is the contest to:

    1. add music the playable demo to be played at GDC 2015?
    2. create a linear video displaying all the aspects as outlined by SoundLibrarian?
    3. submit MP3’s that fit SoundLibrarian’s various situations for the submarine?

    Sorry, I just want to make sure I understand what’s going on before I blindly submit the WRONG thing.


    -Derek C.

    • Richard Savery

      Hey Derek,
      The idea with the interactive demo is to for the game to be shown being played in realtime, at the derby. If you haven’t already, get in touch with anna [AT] who will connect you to the files/tutorials and hopefully it will all make sense.

  6. Rob Jaret

    Nice pieces (and results) by the team at PopCap. Really shows how a healthy combination of music and programming knowledge can lead to new types of interactive player experiences.

  7. Brian Schmidt

    Hi Derek,
    Just to be clear..
    The contest is NOT to do all three! 🙂
    Your submission can be EITHER
    1) The FMOD interactive demo–you replace sounds and/or music
    2) 60 seconds of liner music
    3) 120 seconds of sound design demo, to video.

  8. Mackenzie Neumann

    Hey, nice work so far! It sounds like alot if not all was live recorded. Was there a mixture of materials shook in a container combined with a metallic sound? I’m very interested in what you used.

    • Petr Yakyamsev

      Hi Mackenzie!
      Actually I use pre-recorded materials from libraries (Sound Ideas, Boom libraries etc.) and reworked them. In studio we still haven’t possibilities to record every sound we need. It’s the matter of time and people involved in proccess. As far as I work alone everything i can afford is sound/music design itself and implementation it in Unreal. But to your question – it is not the container with materials, it is clean recordings of metal/mechanic sounds which i properly layered and processed. The only sounds i record here is breathing which is processed through vocoder with water sounds as modulator. Hope I answered your question =)

      • Mackenzie Neumann

        Fantastic! I’m very interested in the process of sound effect recording and processing. The only real Foley work I’ve done was footsteps on sandy and rocky ground by recording myself walking on a mixture of random cereals. I edited the sound. This was a school project. Thank you for answering my question!

  9. Mackenzie Neumann

    Wow! Very impressive sounds here. I love futuristic sounds and these are no exception. Now, how did you put these sounds together? What software do you use?

  10. Sergey Eybog

    Hello Mackenzie. Thank you for the feedback. 🙂
    I created every sound in this video using Steinberg Cubase and various techniques: am/fm modulation, filtering, layering, glitch. Most of the work was done using WAVES plugins and some freeware stuff from my collection. I used white noise and simple waves as a base material to manipulate..

    • Mackenzie Neumann

      Very nice! Cubase is a powerful tool. I’m currently using Logic Pro X, but I’m investing time in learning Digital Performer 9. Very interesting DAW.

  11. Mackenzie Neumann

    Welcome to G.A.N.G., Travis! I just recently joined myself and I’m enjoying the User blogs. What do you do? I compose music for video games and films and I’ve also done some editing work. Do you have a SoundCloud or website? I’d love to check it out! My website is

  12. Mackenzie Neumann

    Hey, Micheal. How are you? I spent a half hour listening to your music on SoundCloud. I love the robotic and electronic feel you have in your music. I was interested in listening to the sometimes random technologic sound effects on top of the patterned music base. I particularly liked some of the pitch bend effects.

    Mackenzie Neumann
    MackComposer Studios

  13. Travis Lohmann

    Good Morning Mackenzie,

    I currently have done some work with indie film (both short and feature), currently, I’m looking into getting in with video game music and composing adaptive music. My soundcloud is: My personal website is:!

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Travis Lohmann

    • Richard Savery

      The schedule is:
      Nominations close Wednesday, January 13th @ 11PM PST
      Member Voting for Awards Opens: Wednesday, February 3rd @ 9AM PST
      Voting for Awards Closes: Friday, February 19th @ 11PM PST

  14. Eric Wettstein

    Spitfire are truly some of the greatest orchestral samples I’ve heard. Max Richter also praises them, and he certainly knows what’s what!

    Awesome interview, thanks for posting! I can’t wait to invest in Albion One and II eventually.

  15. Eric Nielsen

    Hi Richard! I’m attempting to upload two files (mp3 and txt) to the audio link you provided and I’m not able to upload. Did you create just a ‘shared’ folder? I think you’ll need to create a ‘File Request’ within your dropbox account and post that link instead. Thanks! -Eric

  16. Thomas Todia

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us Chance. Your work and attitude speaks for itself. Anyone who has met you and experienced any of your work can attest to that. There are several quotes in this article that you might see in my posts with proper credit given, be prepared for that my friend.

  17. Tim Rosko

    Thank you for sharing Chance. This was a very enlightening read and a story that I certainly needed to hear in this period of life. I wish you all the best moving forward.