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InSomnia RPG – First Letsplay and Repair Bot Sound Design

Hello all! Finally we’ve launched the demo of Insomnia (for kickstarter bakers only) and received this nice letsplay: There is a many things to do and many issues is still unresolved, but we keep on working. If anyone have any ideas/suggestions/comments about sound – welcome! And also here is a closer look to Repair Bot Sound Design:… Read more »

InSomnia RPG – Heavy Armour Sound Design

Hi all! I’m back with anothe UE4 video. Here’s the heavy armour sound design for InSomnia RPG project. This time I implement sounds as separate cue’s attached directly to animations. Check the video: The audio pipeline that i use: 1) Design sound events in DAW. 2) Render SFX’s as separate levels that mean something. For… Read more »

InSomnia RPG – Room Ambient Soundscape and ZEEF Page Announce

Hi everyone! I want to share my next work for InSomnia in Unreal Engine 4. It Is the ambient for room level called  «Typer Shelter»: This time i iclude some screenshots to better understand visual design and overall feeling. Also I manage to create the «Sound Design for Games» page on and if you have… Read more »