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I’m a composer, sound designer and avid gamer. I’m still early in my career, but I am not totally green (and no longer a student. I don’t know why that’s on my profile). I worked for just shy of a year at Seismic Games where I was a sound designer. I also teach, orchestrate and do transcription/copying work.

I have a classical background, so I can write in a lot of different styles. I like the in-your-face rocking stuff, but I also enjoy the creepy aleatoric music (ie Bioshock) or something more uplifting with woodwinds. I want to be the one that writes in a style that others won’t. I’m mostly interested in smaller titles, but I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to work on a triple AAA console title.

Sound is a recent thing that has also engaged me. I enjoy editing dialogue and creating sounds out of simple things. I look at it like creating a very small piece of music. My approach is similar.

I want to help further the strides that Video Games Live have taken to get the music community to take music for commercial media more seriously. Composition students should become aware of the opportunities that could come from writing music in film or video games.

On the other side of things, I want to get more people to be excited about the concert halls again, very much like what VGL does. I think the next step is reaching out to the schools. More arrangements of video game music need to be out there. Koichi Sugyiama helped create a Dragon Quest Ballet for crying out loud! We need more of that here in the west, what Japan has been doing for the last fifteen years, making video game music a serious art form, and accessible to the mainstream public. I’m not sure how to start something like this, but it’s part of my dream.

Outside of Seismic, I’ve worked on a few indie games and some short films. I’ve done everything from scoring, to foley. At the end of the day, I just want to work with creative people and make something that people enjoy just as much as video games have brought me joy.

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Composer, Sound Designer

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Here are my most recent credits. The full list is on my website:


Word Lab (2013)- Composer/Sound Designer

CelebrityMe VIP (2012)-Sound Designer/Audio Director

CelebrityMe (2012)-Sound Designer/Audio Director

Imly (2011)- Assistant Sound Designer

Obstakill (2010) – Composer and Sound Designer

Stackabull (2010) – Composer and Sound Designer

Rockbots 3000 (2010) Composer, Sound Designer and audio implementation

Exodus (2010) – Composer, Dialogue recording engineer, Dialogue editor


Forclosed (2013)- Foley Editor

Bell Witch Haunting (2013)-Foley Editor

Atlantic Rim (2013)- Foley Editor

Battledogs (2013)- Foley Editor

Tony (2012)- Composer, Sound Editor/Mixer

Pseudo (2012)- Composer

Parallel Misdirection (2012)-Sound Editor/Mixer

Black Magic Barbie (2011) – Composer

The Ordinary Human (2011) Composer, SFX editor

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15:01 Entertainment

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Music Composer

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Seismic Games – Sound Designer/Audio Director