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Paul Connolly (b. 1968 in Calgary, CANADA) studied Music Composition and Art History at the University of Calgary, later furthering his studies at the Recording Arts Program of Canada in Toronto. A musician and composer noted for his work in classical, jazz, ambient, noise, and experimental music, Connolly forges together a vast collection of multifarious influences and extensive sounds in each piece and performance.

An avid traveler who has visited places including South America, India, South Africa, and the Middle East, Connolly’s work divulges into his experiences abroad often using distinctive cultural references, sounds, and source material that he has captured while on his journeys. These sounds are then molded and manipulated into sonic landscapes, rich in delicate textures and vibrant timbre, allowing for the impression of those lands visited to have a transfigured voice all their own through the art of Connolly’s compositions.

Music noted as “…intimate, lyrical, and unusually disarming…His use of repetitive, abstract lines results in an expansive sense of directionless flow…” (Michelle Yom, Rice Radio Folio), Connolly’s keen sensibilities of sound matched with his insightful use of ambient resonance quietly unleashes a flood of intellectual yet elegant sounds that have entranced audiences across the globe.
Connolly has worked in Film, Radio, Game and Television, performs both solo and in collaboration — using instruments, found objects and electronics in different configurations melding together to sonically capture time and space. He also composes for electronics, acoustic instruments, and audio soundscapes, working in free improvisation in performance as well as more structured musical forms including dance and ensemble composition. Connolly has also performed under the guise of brightbluebeetle and Caustic Screaming Butterfly.

Upcoming projects include several upcoming video games as a composer / sound artist, collaborations with visual artist Alexandria Haesaker titled THE PHOBIA PROJECT / NEW WORK ON BEAUTY & REPULSION, a new composition for opera and electronics Ex Machina, with fellow composer Mark Buller, and several other pieces planned for 2017.

He currently resides in Richmond, TX with his wife who is an accomplished pianist, their very musically talented 12-year-old son and four pugs.

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