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The ability to communicate a thought inexpressible by words or images alone has long intrigued multi-instrumentalist and composer Kevin Venable. A lifelong writer and inquisitive mind Kevin became fascinated with the ability of music to transcend barriers and connect people after watching a movie called “A Song is Born” starring Danny Kaye and a string of some of the most influential Jazz musicians of all time. The jam session depicted in  the movie has long served as a reminder of what music truly is.

A love of rhythm and catchy melody developed as a trombone player and percussionist throughout early  school years giving way to an obsession with the guitar that remains to this day. Kevin has studied music at the Armed Forces School of music in Little Creek, Virginia as well as receiving a Certificate in Guitar from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. As a guitarist and later as a DJ he has played hundreds of gigs across the West Coast and Midwest entertaining thousands.

Currently concentrating on composition and production of music for games, commercials, TV and film he resides in Altadena, California.

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