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Rod Abernethy


Rod is known worldwide for his cutting-edge approach to composition, placing him at the top of the interactive composer A-list. He has created award winning scores for over 50 video games including Wheelman, Blacksite: Area 51, Star Trek: Legacy, Blazing Angels I & II, Transformers, Dead Head Fred, Silent Hunter 4 and The Hobbit that won G.A.N.G.’s Best Soundtrack of the Year Award in 2003. Most recently Rod helped develop the music and co-produced the award winning live orchestral sessions for EA’s sci-fi survival horror opus, Dead Space. His video game work includes collaboration with Harry Gregson-Williams on Flushed Away and veteran film composer Elmer Bernstein on the Wild Wild West: The Steel Assassin. Rod has recorded in major studios around the world for record industry giants Warner Bros., Elektra, Atlantic, and MCA Records and collaborated with legendary producers Paul Rothchild (The Doors, Bonnie Raitt), John Anthony (Roxy Music, Queen) and David Lord (Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, Tears for Fears, The Pretenders).

Rod currently serves on the GANG Board of Directors and is the Southeast Regional Director for GANG.

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My Awards

SEMO 2011 Awards – nominated for Oustanding Contribution for his work in RAGE and Earth Defense Force- Insect Armageddon in the Square Enix Music Online Awards 2011

HMMA -RAGE nominated for Best Original Score in the Hollywood Music & Media Awards 2011

IGN’s Best Overall Game of E3 2010 – RAGE

BAFTA for Original Score – DEAD SPACE Music Co-Producer

BAFTA for Use of Audio – DEAD SPACE Music Co-Producer

Game Developers Choice Awards 2009 – DEAD SPACE Music Co-Producer

G.A.N.G. 2009 Audio Of The Year – DEAD SPACE Music Co-Producer

G.A.N.G. 2009 Best Original Instrumental – EAT LEAD (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2007 Special Recognition Award Rednote Audio for Dead Head Fred

G.A.N.G. 2007 Soundtrack Of The Year Dead Head Fred (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2007 Best Original Instrumental Song Blazing Angels II (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2007 Best Handheld Audio Dead Head Fred (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2007 Best Handheld Audio Transformers (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2006 Best Instrumental Of The Year Star Trek: Legacy (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2006 Best Arrangement of a Score Jaws: Unleashed (Finalist)

AIAS 2005 Awards-Outstanding Achievement for Original

Music Composition Rise of the Kasai (Finalist)

TeamXbox Editor’s Choice Awards – Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII

G.A.N.G. 2004 Music Of The Year King Arthur (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2004 Best Choral Performance King Arthur (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2003 Soundtrack Of The Year The Hobbit (Winner)

G.A.N.G. 2003 Best Original Instrumental Song The Hobbit (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2003 Music Of The Year The Hobbit (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2003 Best Live Recording The Hobbit (Finalist)

G.A.N.G. 2003 Best Original Vocal Song The Sims: Bustin’ Out (Finalist)

TeamXbox Editor’s Choice Awards – The Hobbit

TeamXbox Editor’s Choice Awards – The Sims Bustin’ Out

Three time winner The Telly Awards

Six time winner The Gold Addy Award

Finalist – The International Film & TV Awards of New York

PBS national advertising/marketing award

Two time winner Golden Reel ITVA Award

Games I've worked on

TOME: Immortal Arena
Marvel: Dark Reign
Pacific Rim
Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger
Ben 10: Project Delta
Ben 10: Omnisverse
Earth Defense Force
Dead Space/EA
Madagascar 3
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond


Eat Lead/D3Publisher

Alpha Protocol/Sega-Obsidian

Blacksite: Area 51 Midway

Indoor Sports Konami/Nintendo

Dead Head Fred Vicious Cycle/D3 Publishing

Transformers: Autobots Activision

Transformers: Decepticons Activision

Hour of Victory Midway

Horsez Ubisoft

Blazing Angels: Secret Missions Ubisoft

Slient Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Ubisoft

Star Trek: Legacy Bethesda/Paramount

Star Trek: Tactical Assault Bethesda/Paramount

Star Trek: Encounters Bethesda/Paramount

Rayman: Raving Rabbids Ubisoft

Marvel VS. Konami

Blazing Angels Ubisoft

Flushed Away Vicious Cycle/D3 Publishing/Dreamworks

Zathura Take 2 Interactive/Sony Pictures

Warhawk Promotional Trailers/SCEA

Lineage II: Scions of Destiny Promotional Trailer/NC Soft

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Midway

Rise & Fall: Civilizations At War Midway

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Promotional Trailers/Ubisoft

Heroes of Might and Magic V Promotional Trailers/Ubisoft

Jaws Unleashed Majesco

Pac-Man World Rally Namco

Area 51 Midway

Rise Of The Kasai Sony Computer Entertainment America

King Arthur Konami/Touchstone Pictures

The Sims Bustin’ Out Electronic Arts/Maxis

The Urbz Electronic Arts/Maxis

The Hobbit Vivendi Universal Games/Sierra Entertainment

Wild Wild West Warner Bros. Interactive

Joan of Arc: Wars & Warriors Enlight Software

Star Wars Trilogy: Apprentice of The Force Ubisoft

Monster Garage Activision

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Activision

Atlantis The Lost Continent Disney/THQ

Dora The Explorer Monkey Bar Games/Nickelodeon

Curious George Vicious Cycle/Nickelodeon

Shinobi THQ

Altered Beast THQ

Looney Tunes Assorted Nuts Warner Bros.

Dark Side Of The Moon SouthPeak Interactive

Ellis Island The History Channel

Atomic Pongling Adveractive/Playtonium

Tejumin SouthPeak Interactive

Current Employer

Rod Abernethy and Rednote Audio

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Music Composer