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Stephen Cox


Stephen Cox is an established composer who has invigorated many hit projects across film, television and video games. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Stephen has actively worked as a multi-talented composer, sound designer, and sound editor on films, TV, and Video Games, since the age of 20.
 Most recently, Stephen finished scoring his most impressive project to date, as lead composer on the PlayStation VR game, Farpoint. The game, which incorporates groundbreaking aim controller technology, utilizes Stephen’s score to excite players and further immerse them into the terrifying alien planet setting. Fortunately, Stephen conquered the challenge thanks to his extensive technical knowledge and his unparalleled team at Unified Sounds…
 Working with a five-man team, the company draws from a vast wealth of experiences and specialties to offer services ranging from composition and orchestration, to sound design and editing. Under Stephen’s leadership, the company has scored for many networks and projects. Most notably, he has worked extensively with CBS Sports, including music for their broadcast of the Super Bowl, as well as the PGA Masters, and March Madness. Unified’s music can be found strengthening commercials and stories across all areas of entertainment. Along with network television, Stephen and the Unified Sounds team handled all music and audio post-production for a variety of feature length documentaries such as Apocalypse Later distributed by Gravitas Ventures, as well as the award winning web series, God Rewards the Fearless.
 Stephen Cox is a member of the M.P.S.E (Motion Picture Sound Editor’s guild), and an active publisher under ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. He currently resides in Knoxville, TN with his wife and son. When he isn’t creating music, he’s busy rocking out to the up-and-coming Knoxville music scene, mountain biking, and fishing.

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16 years or more

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Playstation 4


Composer, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor, Sound Supervisor, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Music Editor

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Farpoint for PSVR

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Unified Sounds

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