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Hello! My name is Chris and like most people here, I am an aspiring composer. I absolutely love video games and music and this is where my heart truly belongs. I, like the G.A.N.G.’s founding member Tommy Tallarico, am a completely self-taught musician. I know very little about music theory and compose entirely by ear. In the 8th grade I taught myself the clarinet and subsequently found the love of my life, the bass clarinet. My first year playing I was in the Concert Band, the Symphonic Band, National Honor Band, Jazz Band (on bari sax, heck yes) and performed in Solo & Ensemble with a 1- rating. Since then I’ve loved music and performing but now that High School is over it’s time to expand my talents. Lately I’ve been experimenting with composition and found I have a knack for it. I may not be professional grade yet but I am practicing more and more and honing my skills. One day I hope to complete my mission and score a video game. Then I can die a happy man as that is truly where my passion lies! Currently I am learning to use my new software, Reason and hope to expand to Cubase and Pro Tools. When I can afford them. 😀

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