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My name is Gregory Weaver and I am a video game music composer based out of Arlington, VA, working under the guise of my company, [Score.] Musicworks.

While my background lies mainly in jazz, you will find that I am able to write for most any genre. I have played saxophone professionally for about ten years, and I formally studied jazz and composition at the University of Virginia, where I earned a B.A. in Music. My work reflects my experienced past as both a performer and as a serious student of the art of music.

My compositions are driven by a three-point philosophy:

– I write video game music to help developers make their games into complete works of art. Video games have limitless potential as an art form, but that potential can only be realized if all facets of the games are artful.

– I write video game music for both gamers and musicians alike. I strive not only to enhance gamers’ experiences through playing to my music, but also to create thoughtful, original music that would be of interest to my fellow musicians.

– I write video game music to ensure that the magic of yesterday’s game music is not lost. Some of my most beloved musical memories stem from the shrewd melodies of classic game composers. My music aims to latch onto that magic and bring it into more modern contexts to meet today’s demands.

Furthermore, you will not only find value in my music, but having worked in the business world, I know what it takes to be a professional within an organization that thrives on teamwork. I strive to be an asset not only to the games on which I work, but to the entirety of the companies with whom I work as well.

I hope that you enjoy listening to my demo and the other tunes found on my SoundCloud and website. Please feel free to connect with me through e-mail or social media (@ScoreVGM)—I look forward to creating art with you in the near future!

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Performer, Composer, Music Copyist, Orchestrator

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German Whale of Mystery (2013), Penny Arcade’s “The Hawk and the Hare” (2011), Ice Breakers (2009)