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My gaming history goes back to age 7 when I first played Super Mario Bros. on the 8-bit NES. As an early teen, I used to hop the bus for town to go play Street Fighter 2 at the local grocery store arcade. When they replaced that machine with Mortal Kombat, my jaw hit the floor, and I’ve been a big gamer ever since.

The moment I bought my first PS2 and fired up Metal Gear Solid 2, I realized Harry Gregson-Williams’ score was going to change the way I look at game music forever. Immediately following that was my playthrough of Final Fantasy X, where Nobuo Uematsu’s score made me realize games had just as much, if not, more potential to affect you emotionally than films.

I’m inspired by the works of Sam Hulick, Jack Wall, Jeremy Soule, Inon Zur, Nobuo Uematsu, Akira Yamaoka, Garry Shyman, and I’m always excited to hear a well arranged score in every new game I play.

I’m currently the composer and producer of The Domaginarium’s horror adventure game Enola ( I’ve handled all of the voice over directing, casting, recruiting of level/assets builders, and conducted all Skype meetings for the team.

Full Sail Game Design students recruited me as their composer and sound designer for the final project of their degree, Badger Camp. I also scored an 8-bit style text adventure called Incursion.

–Listed on for scoring Solar Shock Pictures feature film “American Rejects” (2010), Entropy Pictures short films “The Jar” (2011), “My House” (2011), & “Time is a Thief” (2011).

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