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Allister Brimble


I compose music & create sound effects for video games. My career started in 1989 on the commodore Amiga computer for Team 17 with games such as Alien Breed, Project X & Superfrog. Later on I moved onto other formats which included hit games such as Driver & Rollercoaster Tycoon and then onto the handheld formats. I continue to work on the latest games and keep up to date with the latest technologies. My portfolio now exceeds 450 games.

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Years of Experience

16 years or more

Game platforms you've worked with

iOS, Android, PC/MAC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Wii, WiiU, DS, 3DS, Kindle, Facebook


Composer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Audio Engineer, Orchestrator

Instrument Skills


My Awards

Best remix artist 2013 –

Games I've worked on

Fishin Impossible,Slots,
Ocean Quest,Slots,
Cash Commander,Slots,
Project Overload,PC / VR,
David Whittaker Amiga Works,CD albums release,
Cluedo,Ios / Android,
The Galway Works,CD albums release,
Game Of Life,Ios / Android,
Castles In The Sky,Slots,
Transport Fever,PC,
Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers,XB1/PS4 / 3DS,
Prison Architect Trailer,XB1/PS4,
Ryze,iOs / Android,
BP VR Bio Fuels,VR,
BAE VR Systems Security,VR,
BP VR Journey Of Oil,VR,
Honeywell VR Experience,VR,
Evil Are The Dead,Web,
Cavity Rush,Web,
New Soccer Season Challenge,Web,
The Smurfs,3DS,
Star Wars,Jakks Pacific,
Goat Simulator Trailers,XB1/360,
Buzzhopper And The Stone Of Plenty,Web,
Jekyll & Hyde,Slots,
Koi Pop,Flash/iOS/HTML5,
Fortune Speller,Flash/iOS/HTML5,
Scrabble: The Classic Word Game,Windows App,
Aztec Curse,Web,
Soccer Monkey,iOS,
DC Universe,Jakks Tv System,
Power Rangers Megaforce,Jakks Tv System,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Jakks Tv System,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Nintendo 3DS,
Frozen Synapse Prime,PS3/PS Vita/PC,
Tofu: Fury,Amazon Firephone,
Transformers: Robots In Disguise,IOS / Android,
Connect 4: Quads,Chromecast,
Scrabble Blitz,Chromecast,
Littlest Pet Shop,IOS / Android,
Train Fever,PC,
Bratz Fashion Boutique ,Nintendo 3DS/DS,
Hasbro Arcade,IOS / Android,
Katsuma Unleashed,Nintendo 3DS / DS,
Soap Islands,Facebook,
Monsteurs ,Facebook,
Pro Foosball,PS3,
Buba,PS Mobile / iOS,
Fluidity: Spin Cycle,Nintendo 3DS,
Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park,Nintendo 3DS/DS,
Imagine Fashion World 3D,Nintendo 3DS,
Tumble Island,Facebook,
Bejewelled 3,Nindendo DS,
Doodle Ducks,iOS,
Tofu Collection,Nintendo DS,
Smooty Tales,Facebook,
Table Hockey,PS Vita,
Total Football / Total Soccer,PS Vita,
Lets Ride! Best In Breed 3D,Nintendo 3DS,
Pets Paradise Resort 3D,Nintendo 3DS,
The Lighthouse HD,iPad,
Gogo’s Crazy Bones,Nintendo DS,
Dagedar,Nintendo DS,
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Prt2,Nintendo DS,
Tofu 2,iOS,
Einstein’s Brain Power,Nintendo DS,
Hop,Nintendo DS,
Fluidity/Hydroventure,Nintendo Wii,
Game Of Life,iOS,
Steamworld Tower Defence,Nintendo DS,
You Are The Umpire,iOS,
You Are The Ref,iOS,
Disney`s A Christmas Carol,Nintendo DS,
Sonic & Sega All Star Racing,Nintendo DS,
Backugan Battle Trainer,Nintendo DS,
Trackmania 2,Nintendo DS,
Foto Face: The Face Stealer Strikes,Nintendo DS,
I`m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!,Nintendo DS,
Planet 51,Nintendo DS,
Petz Pony Beauty Pageant,Nintendo DS,
Fort Boyarde 3,Nintendo DS,
Take A Break`s: Puzzle Master,Nintendo DS,
Overlord,Nintendo DS,
Billabong Surf,iOS,
Singscene Rock,Jakks Tv System,
Singscene Country,Jakks Tv System,
Singscene Pop,Jakks Tv System,
Star Wars: Republic Squadron,Jakks Tv System,
Spongebob Squarepants: Bikini Bottom 500 ,Jakks Tv System,
Phineas And Ferb,Jakks Tv System,
The Price Is Right,Jakks Tv System,
Toy Story,Jakks Tv System,
Hanna Montana 2,Jakks Tv System,
High School Musical,Jakks Tv System,
Camp Rock,Jakks Tv System,
Wall-E,Jakks Tv System,
Need For Speed Undercover,PS2/Wii/PSP,
Fort Boyarde 2,Nintendo DS,
My Pet Pony,Nintendo DS,
1 VS 100,Nintendo DS,
Mes Gallops 3D,Nintendo DS,
Lets Play Mum,Nintendo DS,
Lets Play Shops,Nintendo DS,
Lets Play Schools,Nintendo DS,
Football Director DS,Nintendo DS,
Puzzler Collection,Nintendo DS/Wii/PS2,
My Horse & Me 2,Nintendo DS,
Trackmania,Nintendo DS,
G.R.I.D,Nintendo DS,
Koh Lanta (3 Versions),Nintendo DS,
New International Track And Field,Nintendo DS,
Go Sudoku,Playstation 3,
Hanna Montana 4 In 1,Jakks Tv System,
Hanna Montana Deluxe,Jakks Tv System,
Deal Or No Deal (FRE),Nintendo DS,
Deal Or No Deal (ITA),Nintendo DS,
Deal Or No Deal (GER),Nintendo DS,
Deal Or No Deal (UK),Nintendo DS,
Arctic Tale,Gameboy Advance,
Deviens Miss France,Nintendo DS,
Fort Boyarde,Nintendo DS,
Code De La Route Edition 2008,Nintendo DS,
Best Of Card Games,Nintendo DS,
Best Of Board Games,Nintendo DS,
Backyard Hockey,Nintendo DS,
Backyard Basketball,Nintendo DS,
Backyard Baseball,Nintendo DS,
Pirates Of The Carribean,Jakks Tv System,
Sleeping Beauty,Jakks Tv System,
Clive Barkers Jericho,PS3 / XBOX/ 360,
My Horse And I,Nintendo DS,
Kid Paddle Blorks Invasion,Nintendo DS,
Asterix At The Olympics,Nintendo DS,
Di-Gata,Nintendo DS,
International Track & Field,Nintendo DS,
Nursery Rhymes,Telestory,
Power Rangers Mystic Force,Jakks Tv System,
Dead And Furious,Nintendo DS,
Alex Ryder Stormbreaker,Gameboy Advance,
Garfield Nine Lives,Gameboy Advance,
Xaolin Showdown,Nintendo DS,
Spongebob Squarepants: STP,Telestory,
Spongebob Squarepants: ICD,Telestory,
Dora The Explorer: DGTS,Telestory,
Dora The Explorer: DATC,Telestory,
Thomas The Tank Engine: TVTTS,Telestory,
Thomas The Tank Engine: MM,Telestory,
Bob The Builder,Jakks Tv System,
Sesami Street,Jakks Tv System,
Chikka Chikka Boom Boom,Jakks Tv System,
NFS Underground 3,Gameboy Advance,
Micro Machines V4,Nintendo DS,
Dance Factory,Playstation 2,
Asterix And Obelix XXL2,Nintendo DS,
Totally Spies 2: Undercover,Nintendo DS,
Totally Spies 2: Undercover,Gameboy Advance,
Arthur And The Invisibles,Gameboy Advance,
Background Basketball 2,Gameboy Advance,
Family Feud,Gameboy Advance,
Alien Hominid,Gameboy Advance,
Bionicle Maze Of Shadows,Gameboy Advance,
Noddy A Day In Toyland,Gameboy Advance,
Dawn Of War,Nokia N-Gage,
Wheel Of Fortune,Jakks Tv System,
Spongebob Squarepants,Jakks Tv System,
NFS Underground 2,Nintendo DS,
Cinderella,Jakks Tv System,
Snow White,Jakks Tv System,
Duel Masters Shadow Of The Code,Gameboy Advance,
Retro Atari Classics,Nintendo DS,
Kid Paddle,Gameboy Advance,
Titeuf Mission Nadia,Nintendo DS,
Totally Spies,Gameboy Advance,
Driver 3,Gameboy Advance,
Knights Lego Kingdom,Gameboy Advance,
Hot Wheels,Gameboy Advance,
NFS Underground 2,Gameboy Advance,
Titeuf 2,Gameboy Advance,
Duel Masters Sempai Legends,Gameboy Advance,
Asterix & Obelix,Gameboy Advance,
Duel Masters Kajudo Showdown,Gameboy Advance,
Mucha Lucha,Gameboy Advance,
Sega Arcade Gallery,Gameboy Advance,
Masters Of The Universe,Gameboy Advance,
Terminator 3,Gameboy Advance,
Stuntman,Gameboy Advance,
Medal Of Honour Infiltrator,Gameboy Advance,
Flight Of The Falcon,Gameboy Advance,
Pirates Of The Carribean,Gameboy Advance,
Dr Muto,Gameboy Advance,
World Touring Car Rally,Gameboy Advance,
Mr Nutz,Gameboy Advance,
Stephen Gerards Total Soccer,Gameboy Advance,
Attack Of The Clones,Gameboy Advance,
Casper,Gameboy Advance,
Fohlen Felix In Gefahr,Gameboy Color,
Eggomania,Gameboy Advance,
Eggomania,Playstation 2,
Vrally 3,Gameboy Advance,
Rollercoaster Tycoon 2,PC,
XXX,Gameboy Advance,
102 Dalmations,Gameboy Color,
Colin Mcrae Rally 2,Gameboy Advance,
High Heat Baseball 2002,Gameboy Color,
Jet Riders,Gameboy Advance,
Robocop ,Gameboy Advance,
Planet Monsters,Gameboy Advance,
Gremlins,Gameboy Advance,
Jedi Power Battles,Gameboy Advance,
Cubix,Gameboy Color,
Doom,Gameboy Advance,
The Italian Job,PC,
Thunderbirds,Gameboy Advance,
The Italian Job,Playstation,
Superman,Gameboy Color,
Titeuf,Gameboy Color,
Lucky Luke,Gameboy Advance,
007 Racing,Playstation,
Colin Mcrae Rally,Gameboy Color,
Hot Potato,Gameboy Advance,
Tony Hawks Skateboarding 3,Gameboy Color,
Matt Hoffmans Pro BMX,Gameboy Advance,
Extreme Ghostbusters,Gameboy Color,
Chicken Run,Gameboy Color,
Dukes Of Hazzard,Gameboy Color,
Thunderbirds,Gameboy Color,
Cool Bricks,Gameboy Color,
Rat Attack,PC,
Toobin,Gameboy Color,
Driver 2,Playstation,
Rollercoaster T. Loopy landscapes,PC,
Flintstones – Burger Time In Bedrock,Gameboy Color,
Road Rash,Gameboy Color,
Olympics 2000,N64,
Jimmy Whites Qball 2,PC,
Jimmy Whites Qball 2,Dreamcast,
Worms 2,PC,
Carmageddon,Gameboy Color,
Rat Attack,N64,
Rat Attack,Playstation,
Casper,Gameboy Color,
Worms,Gameboy Color,
Impossible Mission,Gameboy Color,
Rollercoaster Tycoon,PC,
Magical Drop,Gameboy Color,
Renegade Racers,Playstation,
Ghosts And Goblins,Gameboy Color,
Three Lions,PC,
Cut Throats,PC,
Bubble Bobble 2,Playstation,
Toy Story,SNES,
Monster Trucks,PC,
Toy Story,Megadrive,
Startrek 25th Aniversiry,Amiga,
Descent 2,MAC,
Alladin Win95,PC,
Wrath Of Earth,PC,
Grand Prix Manager 2,PC,
Xcom Enemy Unknown,Playstation,
Xcom Terror From The Deep,PC,
Crazy Bus,PC,
Obelix Win95,PC,
Zeewolf 2,Amiga,
Sensible Golf,PC,
Primal Rage,Amiga,
All Terain Racing,Amiga,
Alien Breed,PC,
Hunt For Red October,Amiga,
Hunt For Red October,Atari ST,
Hunt For Red October,Spectrum,
Hunt For Red October,Amstrad,
Apache Gunship,PC,
Mig Soviet Fighter,Amiga,
Super Loopz,Amiga,
Road Runner,SNES,
Terminator 2,Amiga,
Road Runner,Sega Gamegear,
Road Runner,Sega Master System,
Crash Dummies,Amiga,
Cannon Fodder,SNES,
Cannon Fodder,Megadrive,
Cannon Fodder,Jaguar,
Jimmy Whites Snooker,Sega Megadrive,
Street Racer,SNES,
Alien Breed Tower Assault,Amiga,
Alien Breed Tower Assault,PC,
Arcade Pool,PC,
Arcade Pool,Amiga,
Ultimate Bodyblows,Amiga,
Ultimate Bodyblows,Amiga CD32,
Mr Tuff,SNES,
Mortal Kombat II,Amiga,
Tin Head,SNES,
Dungeon Master II,Amiga,
World Cup Striker,SNES,
World Cup Striker Japan,SNES,
Fastfood Dizzy,Amiga,
Fastfood Dizzy,Atari ST,
Prince Of The Yolk Folk,Amiga,
Prince Of The Yolk Folk,C64,
Prince Of The Yolk Folk,Spectrum,
Prince Of The Yolk Folk,Amstrad,
Slightly Magic,Amiga,
Slightly Magic,Atari ST,
Slightly Magic,Spectrum,
Slightly Magic,Amstrad,
Slightly Magic,C64,
Rockstar Ate My Hamster,Amiga,
Bignose Bounces Back,Amiga,
Tom & Jerry,SNES,
Terminator 2,Gameboy Color,
The Lost Vikings,Amiga,
Goal!,Atari ST,
Mortal Kombat,PC,
Mortal Kombat,Amiga,
Frontier,Atari ST,
Goal!,Atari ST,
Alien Breed 2,Amiga,
Body Blows,Amiga,
Body Blows Galactic,PC,
Body Blows Galactic,Amiga,
Project X,PC,
Lawnmower Man,SNES,
Impossible Mission,SNES,
CJ’s Elephant Antics,Amiga,
Bignose The Caveman,Amiga,
CJ In The USA,Amiga,
Pro Boxing Simulator,Amiga,
Pro Boxing Simulator,Atari ST,
Spellfire the sorcerer,Amiga,
Spellfire the sorcerer,Atari ST,
Mean Machines,C64,
Dizzy Down The Rapids,C64,
Dizzy Down The Rapids,Spectrum,
Dizzy Down The Rapids,Amstrad,
Seymour Goes To Hollywood,Amiga,
Seymour Goes To Hollywood,Spectrum,
Seymour Goes To Hollywood,Amstrad,
Seymour Goes To Hollywood,C64,
Sergeant Seymour Robocop,C64,
Sergeant Seymour Robocop,Amiga,
Robin Hood Legend Quest,Amiga,
Bubble & Squeek,Amiga,
Bubble & Squeek,Amiga CD32,
Project X,Amiga,
Alien Breed Special Edition,Amiga,
Assassin Special Edition,Amiga,
Indy Heat,Amiga,
Dojo Dan,Amiga,
Fantasy World Dizzy,Amiga,
Fantasy World Dizzy,Atari ST,
Rockstar Ate My Hamster,Atari ST,
Murray Mouse,C64,
Big Run,Amiga,
Linus Spacehead,NES,
Pro Bassball Simulator,NES,
Bignose Freaks Out,NES,
Captain Dynamo,C64,
Robin Hood Legend Quest,C64,
Super Seymour,C64,
Wild West Seymour,C64,
Wild West Seymour,Spectrum,
Wild West Seymour,Amstrad,
Full Contact,Amiga,
Pro Soccer Simulator,NES,
Kamikaze,Atari ST,
Spellbound Dizzy,Amiga,
Spellbound Dizzy,C64,
Spellbound Dizzy,Amstrad,
Spellbound Dizzy,Spectrum,
Super Seymour,Amiga,
Super Seymour,Atari ST,
Road Riot,Amiga,
Road Riot,Atari ST,
1st Division Manager,Amiga,
1st Division Manager,Atari ST,
Panic Dizzy,C64,
Boomerang Kid,NES,
Italia 90,Amiga,
Mean Machines,C64,
The Sword And The Rose,Amiga,
The Sword And The Rose,Atari ST,
The Sword And The Rose,C64,
Italia 1990,Amiga,
Grand Prix Simulator,Amiga,
Whacky Darts,Amiga,
Alien Breed,Amiga,
Terries Big Day Out,Amiga,
Time soliders,Amiga,
Treasure Island Dizzy,Amiga,
Nitro Boost Challenge,Amiga,
Nitro Boost Challenge,Atari ST,
Miami Chase,Amiga,
Death Stalker,Amiga,

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Freelance music & sound designer

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