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Alex Gelinas


I am a musician who has been playing music in some form since 1995.

I’ve had many opportunities for performance in my life, including performances in New York City, Halifax, Banff and various festivals. I received a Diploma in Music Performance from Grant MacEwan University in 2010, and started going to Berklee College of Music in 2011 in pursuit of a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing & Performance with a minor in Video Game Scoring.

I have been a long-time game fan, and I have a lot of adoration for the medium. I believe Video Games can be one of the greatest way to convey a narrative, and one of the ways that games leave a huge impact is how a great story is accompanied with its sound design and soundtrack.

I have participated in the Global Game Jam 2012, which was an astounding experience. I hope to get involved with many more Game Jams. I have also recently released my first game (completed the entire game myself) – Pareidolia! You can see it, download it, and watch a video regarding it at

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Music Composer