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-I started playing the guitar when I was 12. A year later, my brother got a drum set. We formed a band, and it was the greatest band that has ever existed. Naturally, I had to record our music for the world to hear. I begged my parents for a set of microphones, and the following Christmas I got my wish. What started as a hobby turned into a lifetime passion. There is nothing I would rather do than record, create, manipulate, design, position, contain, and preserve sound whether it’s in the form of musical rock and roll or the silence of an open field.

-I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. The N64 was the console I played when I got hooked. When I started recording music, I didn’t think at all about the audio in games. In recent years, however, I’ve paid extreme attention to the details in music and sound design in games. I believe I can contribute exceptional art to the field.

-I have my Bachelor of Science in Audio Design Technology, earned at the Art Institute of Seattle.

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