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Andrea Baroni


Andrea Baroni is a composer and sound designer from Italy, currently living nearby Brighton, UK.

With a master degree in Computer Science and a certificate from SAE, he is also a producer and developer of advanced multimedia content, games and software/installations.

Throughout the years he specialised in working with video games and interactive audio, with a passion that has its roots back in the Commodore Amiga days, where he was spending countless hours assembling quirky tracks with MOD trackers.
Now it’s more or less the same, but he just spends more time with Logic,¬†Ableton, Wwise, Fmod and Unity (still some trackers now and then though, when chiptune music is involved!).

Andrea is currently working on a freelance basis, creating custom soundtracks for games and videos, music assets and also contributing to videos about music technology, short tutorials on YouTube and other creative multimedia projects.

He is a decent pianist, a synth-nerd, a beginner violinist, and I am passionate about anything that emits a sound. And coffee, let’s not forget coffee.

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United Kingdom




Years of Experience

10 to 15 years

Game platforms you've worked with

iOS, Android, PC/MAC


Performer, Composer, Sound Designer, Programmer, Music Producer

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Violin, Vocalist, Piano, Drum Kit, Hardware Synths, Organ