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Igor Nemirovsky


Igor Nemirovsky is the composer behind the multi-award winning series, Video Game High School, initially a YouTube sensation and now streaming on Netflix. In addition his music has been features in a wide variety of films, shows, and video games, several having gone on to receive numerous industry accolades.

His music has been performed and recorded by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Orchestra, the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, the Prague Philharmonic, and the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.

Initially self-taught, Igor received his classical education at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, studying composition, counterpoint, and orchestration under the tutelage of the late Conrad Susa. Following this he continued his musical education at the prestigious USC Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program, studying there privately with long-time television composer Jack Smalley.

Igor’s style has been described by audiences and critics as “inventive, witty, and moving,” tending to reflect his influences and often evoking the playfulness of Prokofiev, the edginess of Stravinsky, and the dreamlike sweep of Debussy.

Currently Igor resides in sunny Los Angeles with his dog, writing for the nickelodeons that play on those new-fangled penny arcade machines.

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21900 Marylee St. #285


United States of America


Woodland Hills



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3 to 5 years

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Composer, Music Producer, Music Copyist, Orchestrator, Music Editor

Instrument Skills

Guitar, Piano, Orchestral Percussion, Vibrophone/Marimba

Games I've worked on

Max Axe (Composer)
Aligned (Composer)
A Million Minions (Composer)
AmoeBattle (Composer)
Disney Kinect Adventures (Orchestrator)
Star Wars: The Old Republic (Orchestrator)
HALO 20th Anniversary (Orchestrator)
Sunfall (Composer)
Divergent Shift (Composer)
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Orchestrator)
Tesla’s Revenge (Composer)