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Jorge Jersy Vazquez Arrioja is a Mexican composer that lives in Los Angeles, California. He started his music education as a clandestine guitar performer at the age of eight years in Atlixco Puebla, Mexico. His grandfather’s wish was to learn how to play guitar and for this reason, he took Jersy to traditional Mexican music classes, where he learned how to play the basics of his main instrument. At the age of fourteen, he played in several bands of different genres, guitar trios, rondallas, and mariachi groups.
At the age of sixteen, he participated in different schools to perform and teach electric guitar techniques and to perform in showcases, where he started to teach basic theory and advanced levels of the electric guitar. Furthermore, when he turned eighteen, Jersy had gotten Associate degrees in Mexico in subjects such as computer science, graphic design, politics, and kinesiology, and he has taken advantage of all his knowledge to relate it with music; certainly, he could understand deeply the relationship of music in life and cultures around the world.
His classical music career started as an oboist at the main University of Puebla, Mexico, but he could not finish the first semester because of an invitation by his father, a native Californian, to move and continue his studies in Los Angeles.
His music education in California started at Los Angeles Valley College, where he learned the basics of music theory. After finishing his education in this institution, he received three Associate degrees in Music and arts. Later on, he transferred to California State University, Northridge, where he received his bachelor’s degree in music with an emphasis in music composition.
His formal professors in compositions include the doctors Severin Behnen, Arthur McCaffrey and Jeffrey Parola.. Other professors that provided him private lessons include the doctors David S. Lefkowitz, and Dante de Silva.
He is currently working on several projects as a film director, writer, and producer. Other projects that he is still working include musical projects that cover several genres in popular and academic music. During his free time, he gives lectures and workshops through the United States, as well as schools from other countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico. In addition to the lectures and workshops, he had the opportunity to have his music performed not only in these countries but also in Australia and France.
Jersy has graduated with honors at California State University, Northridge and has been receiving several recognitions in different countries such as Australia and France, where he won competitions for his compositions in 2018.
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Less than 1 year


Performer, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Voiceover Artist, Music Producer, Music Copyist, Orchestrator, Music Editor

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Guitar, Piano, Hardware Synths, Slide Guitar

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I have only received awards from my college education such as the “Presidents Distinguished Honor Award” and some scholarships in music.



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