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John Robert Matz


John Robert Matz was immersed in music from the day he was born. The son of two musicians, a creative seed was planted at an early age that drove him to create, to externalize the music that echoed in his head. By the age of nine he was writing short pieces for piano and by middle school he had moved to hymn arrangements for concert band. In his high school years he began writing music for student films and stage productions, becoming the student composer-in-residence of the award-winning Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra. Scores like John Williams’ “Star Wars” and Howard Shore’s “Lord of the Rings” combined with videogame music like Lennie Moore’s “Outcast” made huge impressions on him, and drove him to study music composition during his collegiate years, even as he worked towards a degree in music education, another lifelong passion of his.

Today, he has written music for projects as varied as “Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator”. “Rodina”, and the award-winning (BAFTA-Nominated) “Gunpoint”, as well as being a regular musical contributor to Rocketjump Studios’ wide array of internet short films. In his spare time, between contracts and commissions he writes music for orchestras and wind ensembles, and is working on his first symphony, a tone-poem based on the concept of lighter-than-air travel.

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7079 West Ave.


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Hanover Park



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3 to 5 years

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Performer, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Voiceover Artist, Music Supervisor, Voice Direction, Orchestrator, Music Editor

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Vocalist, Piano, Trumpet, French Horn, Organ

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Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator, Gunpoint, Moonshot (unreleased), Rodina, Almightree, Bunny Overload, Edge of Space (Alpha OST), Enemy Starfighter

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John Robert Matz – Composer for Media

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Freelance Composer, Voice Actor, Instrumental Soloist (Trumpet), Vocal Soloist (Tenor)