Seph Lawrence

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Seph Lawrence


Seph Lawrence is a sound supervisor/designer and Blizzard veteran whose association with the Diablo franchise dates back to his work on Diablo II as a contractor. He later became a full-time employee of Blizzard where he held stewardship over the audio efforts for the Diablo franchise for almost his entire eleven-year tenure at the company. For his efforts, and those on the Diablo audio team, they won a number of accolades including the GANG Audio of The Year award for Diablo III. With a game audio career spanning over two decades, Seph has enjoyed a wide variety of work including many Blizzard titles and the release of the highly acclaimed Metropolis Science Fiction Toolkit series sound effects library. He was also a regular contributor to the music composition efforts for Diablo III, and has a penchant for seeking out unorthodox ways to incorporate orthodox instruments in his music. He is a member of the MPSE, SCL, AES and GANG. These days Seph has formed a new company, Torrential Audio and has gone back to freelancing, dedicating most of his time to the sound design efforts for Diablo 4.


United States of America


Years of Experience

16 years or more

Game platforms you've worked with

PC/MAC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstation 3, Playstation 4


Performer, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Voiceover Artist, Sound Supervisor, Audio Engineer, Field Recordist

Instrument Skills

Guitar, Vocalist, Piano, Trumpet, Tuba, Hardware Synths, Organ

My Awards

-Audio of the Year, GANG 2012
-Best Audio For an Online Game, Game Developers Choice Awards 2012
-Best Original Score, Video Game, Hollywood Music in Media 2012

Games I've worked on

Diablo II, Diablo III, World of Warcraft, Starcraft

Current Employer

Torrential Audio

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Current Title

Creative Director