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Ken Jacobsen is a versatile composer well versed in Orchestral, Chamber, Rock n’ Roll, Heavy Metal, Atmospheric and World Music with extensive experience in audio production, recording, mixing and mastering in studios throughout the United States and Europe. His credentials as an internationally acclaimed guitarist, songwriter and producer augmented by being a conservatory trained composer and tech savvy studio producer, makes for quality scores and production of the music and mood you need for your project. Call Ken directly to discuss your music needs at (818) 854-5566 or contact by Email link below. Ken Jacobsen is a classically trained musician since childhood. He first started his musical studies on flute at the age of 7 migrating to guitar at the age of 9. Ken was raised in Copenhagen, Denmark to a Japanese-American mother and a Scandinavian Father. Ken is the son of painter/musician, Mogens Jacobsen, and grandson of variety actress, Ingeborg Jacobsen. His schooling, training, professional studies and work throughout Europe and the United States has allowed him to experience the world and its music firsthand, giving him a unique perspective of cultures and a multitude of tonal and rhythmic possibilities, which naturally shapes and influences his work. This translates into diverse musical moods, themes, atmospheres and quiet insinuations. Ken became obsessed with the world of audio technology at an early age when he received his first tape recorder. This introduction to music technology has grown into a proficient knowledge necessary to work efficiently and effectively in the audio, film and TV industry. Under the tutelage of Tom Andersen, multi-platinum award winning engineer, Ken acquired the advanced skills to work with cutting edge technology pertinent to modern day productions. As a teenager, growing up during the heart of the British Wave of heavy rock, Ken caught the heavy-metal tsunami that seemed to cover the planet in the ’80s. Always pushing himself and his colleagues to new limits, Ken took the genre in its own direction combining his classical skills with the intensity of the times while injecting jazz syncopation’s into his songwriting creating a international buzz. Writing, performing, producing, co-mixing and mastering several albums with his bands, Dark Mission and Unleashed Power, as well as producing CDs of other bands under his production company Sort Ltd. and record label Verdict Entertainment, kept Ken in the studio for several years while touring between productions. One evening after an gig in San Francisco, Ken was approached by an advertising agent who offered him some commercial production work, which transpired into jingles for ESPN. Ken has traveled and worked in various studios worldwide, such as: Ra.Sh Studio – Germany, Glen Cove Studies – NY, Feedback Studios – Denmark, at Sweet Silence Studios (with Rainbow/Metallica famed engineer Flemming Rasmussen) – Copenhagen, DK as well as with multi-platinum engineer Howie Weinberg and Tony Dawsey at Masterdisk Studios – New York. Just to name a few. Ken earned a Bachelors Degree in Composition from the Mannes College of Music in New York City and studied under Professors Keith Fitch, David Loeb, Christopher Stone and composer Michael Patterson (Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, JAG), as well as Film Scoring studies at Berklee College with Michael Rendish (Faces of Freedom, A Place of Dreams) and Master Degree classes with, Dr. Ron Sadoff and Ira Newborn (The Naked Gun) at New York University. Ken was highly recommended by the Dean of Mannes and Dr. Sadoff to study with orchestrator, Sonny Kompanek (The Good Shepherd, Michael Collins, Sex in the City – TV). Ken lives in the New York City area with this wife, also a musician and singer, and their son, and is currently working on several projects and select audio productions. Ken’s current studio integrates the ultimate in high-end technology with his solid classically trained music skills and knowledge of current music trends. Ken is a composer and musician at his core and has an in-depth knowledge of production and technology required to achieve a complete and satisfying result for the project at hand. Other sites featuring Ken Jacobsen HD Fest MySpace Ken is actively endorsing and working with Apogee Technology, Jackson Guitars, Digitech, Tech21, Seymour Duncan, TC Electronics/Dynaudio and more

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PC/MAC, XBOX 360, Playstation 3


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Spiderman ‘Edge of Time’, Spiderman ‘The Amazing’, Lost Planet 3

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