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Brian D'Oliveira


La Hacienda Creative is an award-winning sound studio based in Montreal and Toronto. We transform products, spaces, and entertainment experiences through sound.

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1001, rue Lenoir, suite C-312







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Years of Experience

6 to 9 years

Game platforms you've worked with

iOS, Android, PC/MAC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita


Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Voiceover Artist, Audio Engineer, Technical Sound Designer, Field Recordist, Music Editor

Instrument Skills

Guitar, Violin, Vocalist, Piano, Mandolin, Viola, Accordion, Cello, Upright Bass, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French Horn, Ethnic Percussion, Drum Kit, Orchestral Percussion, Ethnic Winds, Ethnic Strings, Bass Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Vibrophone/Marimba, Hardware Synths, Organ, Slide Guitar, Harp, Saxophone

My Awards


Gang Awards
Nominated for Soundtrack of the year / Tearaway Unfolded by Media Molecule (Sony)


GANG Awards
Won Best Handheld Audio / Tearaway by Media Molecule (Sony)

British Academy of Film and Television Arts Game Awards
Nominated for Best Original Music / Tearaway by Media Molecule (Sony)

Game Music Awards
Nominated for Best Soundtrack (Western), Outstanding Achievement (In-Game Music) / Tearaway by Media Molecule (Sony)

Game Developers Choice Awards
Nominated for Best Audio / Tearaway by Media Molecule (Sony)


GANG Awards
Nomination Best Soundtrack Album / Papo & Yo by Minority

Canadian Video Game Awards
Nominated for Best Audio, Best Original Music / Papo & Yo by Minority

Games I've worked on

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard



Little Big Planet 3

Farcry Primal

Current Employer

La Hacienda Creative

Employer's website

Current Title

Founder, Lead Composer

Previous companies you worked for and job title there (optional)

Luchador ( feature doc ) | Miss Inc. ( feature doc – Radio Canada ) | L’Autre Mari ( feature doc ) | Les Soldats de Jesus

( Feature doc ) | Ma Memoire ( feature doc ) | Long Gone Day (feature film) | 21 Days to Nawroz (feature doc) | Behind

the Behind the Miracle (feature doc) | Le Chant de la Brousse (feature doc) | Les Dernieres Pelerins (feature doc)


Sony Vita “TEARAWAY” | Sony PlayStation “The Getaway” | MuchMusic “Special Presentation” | Sony PlayStation

“Primal” | MuchMusic “MuchVibe 1” | Chapters/Indigo “Harry Potter” | MuchMusic “MuchVibe 2” | Yamaha “I-Pod

Dock” | MuchMusic “Cold Cuts” | Yamaha “Receiver” | Meld Media “Tetrapak 1” | Altomayo Coffee | Meld Media

“Tetrapak 2” | Ranchera Hot Dogs | MeldMedia “Broadband” | Uniprix MeldMedia “Indspire” | Street Kids

International | Build Hype | Lancôme, corporate promo | Trend Custom Tailors, corporate promo | TransGaming

“Trailer” LCBO, corporate promo | ADP, corporate promo | STM“Earth Day” Bell, corporate internal |

Buck Créatifs, corporate internal Seville/EOne “Radio Spots” | (Open)6 honors and awards


‘Supergroup’ The Next Star ( YTV ) | Restaurant Takeover ( Food Network ) | Ex-wives of Rock ( Slice ) | Money

Moron ( Slice) | Pop Up Gourmet ( Cooking ) | Game Changers, season 1 (Discovery) | Fashion File: Host Hunt

(CBC) | Secrets From A Stylist, seasons 1,2 (HGTV) | True Hollywood Stories (E!) | The Next Star, seasons 1 – 4

(YTV) | Amérikologie, season 1 – 5 (TV5)* | Adrenaliné ( APTN ) | Spice Goddess, seasons 1&2 (Food Network/

Cooking Channel) | My Bare Lady, season 2 (FOX) | Life’s A Trip, series (Discovery/Travel) | Living the Life, series

(Travel) | Love Trap, season 1 opening theme ( Cosmo TV) | Matchmaker, seasons 1&2 (Slice) | Marriage Under

Construction, seasons 1-4 (HGTV Can) | Drôles de Cultures (TV5) | Family Under Construction, season 1 (DIY

Network) | Renovate My Wardrobe, seasons 1-4 (Slice) | Fashion File: Host Hunt (CBC) | Ad Persuasion, seasons

1&2 (TVTropolis) | Thrill of a Lifetime, series (Life) | Bitchin’ Kitchen, seasons 1&2 (Food Network US/Can) | Cock’d

Guns (IFC)