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Marco Valerio Antonini


Marco born in Rome, Italy, where he started playing the piano at the age of 7. Very soon, composition attracted his attention, with a particular emphasis on the music for visual media. He took several masterclasses about music for film and TV, among the others, “Frames and Staves” taught by the Oscar winning composer Nicola Piovani (Life is Beautiful). He composed the music for various short films, student films, and theater pieces, and is a long.-term collaborator of the prestigious documentary production company Istituto Luce Cinecittà in Rome. In 2015 he has been admitted to the Scoring For Motion Pictures and Television program (SMPTV) at the University of Southern California., where he gained interest in the world of music for Games. He started working in various lower and upper division student game projects. He is currently working on the AGP (Advanced Game thesis Project) Adelie and the obelisk, a 2.5d platformer developed in the higher division of the USC School of Cinematic Arts Game Division.

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