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Philip Williams


After many years of live performance of music borrowing from jazz, rock and electronic genres as well as writing and producing the soundtrack to a Canadian-Chinese indie film by Director Duo Ma, “Left Side of Night”, Philip has turned his hand to game audio design. He has received an introduction to game music and SFX at the Berklee College of Music beginning in March 2017 and continues as we speak. While Philip’s Selmer Mark VI alto continues to be his weapon of choice and the inspiration for much of what he does, his sax is a window into a world of sonic experimentation and, let’s face it, a world of obsession with sound.
Courses completed at Berklee College of Music as part of Professional General Music Studies ::
:: Game Design Principles
:: Introduction to Game Audio
:: Game Audio Production with Wwise
:: Interactive Scoring for Games
:: DesigningImmersive andInteractive Experiences

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