Phillip Kovats

Personal Info

Full Name

Phillip Kovats


Director of Sound at PlayStation Studios who has spent the last 24 years working his butt off to get where he is today and is grateful every single day to not only do what he loves, but loves what he does. Oh – and I work with amazing people whom I consider my family – they’re the best.


Years of Experience

16 years or more

Game platforms you've worked with

PC/MAC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4


Sound Designer, Audio Director, Sound Supervisor, Voice Direction, Audio Engineer, Technical Sound Designer

Instrument Skills

Hardware Synths

My Awards

Multiple GANG, DICE, BAFTA and MPSE awards and nominations throughout my career.

Games I've worked on



days gone

concrete genie

death stranding


ghost of tsushima


the last of us
the last of us: left behind
the last of us: remastered
the last of us: part II
uncharted 4: a thief’s end
uncharted: the lost legacy

god of war 2
god of war 3
blast factor
twisted metal psp
twisted metal ps3
the unfinished swan

crash: twinsanity
spiderman 2
jak 2
jak 3
jak X
god of war

delta force: land warrior
armored fist 3
tachyon: the fringe
comanche 4

Current Employer

sony interactive entertainment

Employer's website

Current Title

director, sound

Previous companies you worked for and job title there (optional)

naughty dog – audio director

sony interactive entertainment – sound design manager
technicolor interactive – sound supervisor, re-recording mixer, sound designer
new wave entertainment – sound designer
b1 media – sound designer, re-recording mixer
keep me posted – sound designer, re-recording mixer
novalogic – sound designer
pacific soundwaves – sound designer/editor
modern videofilm – sound designer/editor
serafine studios – sound editor/intern