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Mark Benis is a composer, conductor and orchestrator for film and video games. Years ago he fell in love with the music of the original Pokémongames and those catchy tunes have inspired him beyond anything he could have imagined. Mark has had the pleasure of collaborating on many wonderful projects, including the upcoming detective-adventure game Lamplight City and Materia Collective’s Pokémon Piano Collections. He is a staunch advocate of making the video game community — and all other industries he is a part of — a welcoming and supportive place for any and all who wish to call it home.

In addition to composing music Mark is also an avid (ludo)musicologist. In 2017 he presented his paper, “Loops Within Loops: A Modular Approach to Mystery in Pokémon Red and Blue” at the North American Conference on Video Game Music (NACVGM). Later Mark released a dissertation in which he transcribed and analyzed all 52 tracks of the score to the same game.

Mark’s passion for games extends beyond just music; since joining the indie studio Moon Moon Moon in the summer of 2017 he has been developing the game The Worst Grim Reaper as the game designer and writer among other roles. Though he identifies most as a composer, Mark has been exploring other fields of the video game industry to make him an even more effective collaborator when it comes to the trials and tribulations of game development.

In 2016 Mark received degrees in Music Composition and Chemical Engineering from Brown University, and since graduating he has resided in New York, NY. He participated in the Society of Composers and Lyricists’ Mentorship Program during the spring of 2017 and actively gives back to the local community by volunteering with organizations like Playcrafting.

Forever a student of music, Mark is currently pursuing a masters in Scoring for Film and Mulitmedia at NYU Steinhardt.

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