Stephan Schütze

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Stephan Schütze


Joined the game industry in 2000

For eight years I was the Lead Audio Designer at Bluetongue Entertainment.

I composed the first fully Orchestral score for an Australian game in 2002 with Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, which won best audio that year at AGDC.

I spent three years living and working in Japan where I started the Sound Librarian project.

I have worked across most platforms in my time in the industry and have worked closely with the team at FMOD. in 2010 I rewrote all the manuals for FMOD Designer, produced a new range of example files and created a series of video tutorials for the FMOD Tv channel on youtube. I regularly lecture and present workshops on FMOD and generative audio around the world.

I currently run my own company Sound Librarian creating sound effect libraries and providing audio production services. My commercial libraries are available through Pro Sound Effects out of New York, and I provide a massive online library of over 20,000 sounds online available under creative commons.

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82 West Street









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Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Supervisor, Technical Sound Designer, Orchestrator, Casting Director, Field Recordist, Music Editor

Instrument Skills

French Horn, Ethnic Percussion

My Awards

Best Game Audio: AGDC
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Best Mobile Game: AGD
Star Trek The Cold Enemy

Best Action Game: Wireless gaming awards
Star Trek The Birds of Prey

Games I've worked on

Sound Effect Libraries

The Foundation Library 16,000 SFX

The Foundation Elements 5000 SFX

Ambient Textures Volume I
1000 SFX

The Aviation Collection
3000 SFX

The Firearms Foley Collection
3000 SFX

The Sound Librarian Project 20,000 SFX

Created Apps

Ringtone Librarian iOS

Carmina Avium iOS

Word OF Warplanes

Rugby League Live X360, PS3

World of Outlaws Sprintcars X360, PS3

Pirate Blast Wii

Dung PC, Mobile

Nicktoons 2 PS2, Gamecube

Barnyard Wii, PS2, Gamecube, PC

Nicktoons Unite PS2, Gamecube

The Polar Express PS2, Gamecube

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis PS2, XBox, PC

Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy

Stuntstar The Hollywood Years
iOS, Android, PC

Battlepath Monsters iOS, Andoid

Entombed iOS

Stuntman DS not published

Fairly odd parents GBA

Need for Speed Underground Mobile

Indy 500 Mobile

Snood2 Mobile

Jumbuck Island Mobile

Star Trek, The cold enemy Mobile

Star Trek, The birds of prey Mobile

Shaft Mobile

Black Rain Mobile

Ryan Giggs International Mobile

Current Employer

Sound Librarian

Employer's website

Current Title

Owner / Creative Director

Previous companies you worked for and job title there (optional)

Studio Easter (Tokyo)
Lead Audio /R&D,

Bluetongue Entertainment
Lead Audio,

Big Ant Software
Lead Audio,