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Thomas C. Baggaley


I received my bachelor’s degree in music composition from BYU and finished a master’s degree and advanced to candidacy for a doctorate in music composition from UCLA, where I had the opportunity to learn film scoring from Jerry Goldsmith. Since leaving UCLA, I have been teaching at Salt Lake Community College, where I am an associate professor of music and head up the media music composition program. For the past 20 years, I have taught music, including songwriting, music composition, music theory, scoring for film and television, and interactive audio and music for games and other media.

My primary focus has been on orchestral composition and arranging, but I’d love an opportunity to do about anything. On the game development side, I do have a bit of a background in programming (it’s been my hobby while music has been my career), one of the classes I’ve taught for the past decade has been music for games and interactive media, and I have a basic understanding of Wwise and FMod. I’m eager to add some professional experience to my teaching experience in this area.

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4117 S Montego Drive


United States of America


Saratoga Springs



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Less than 1 year


Performer, Composer, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Music Copyist, Orchestrator, Music Editor

Instrument Skills

Piano, French Horn

My Awards

(None of these awards are game related – although they are music and composition related.)

2021 – Sabbatical from Salt Lake Community College to compose music
2017 – Southern Shorts Award of Merit for Individual Achievement in Music for “Collide” Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
2017 – Southern Shorts Award of Merit for Individual Achievement in Music for “Collide” Category: Drama
2014 – Finalist: SLCC Teaching Excellence Award
2009 – Selected as a Participant in the SLCC President’s Leadership Institute
1998 – Jerry Goldsmith Regents Residency Selection.
1996-97 – Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship – UCLA.
1995 – Nominated to Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies.
1995 – Contribution Award – Brigham Young University Marching Band.
1995 – Band Service Award – Brigham Young University.
1988-94 – National Merit Scholarship – Brigham Young University.
1988 – Bengal of Music Award.

Games I've worked on

Timed Tag (personal project)

Statistical Baseball TextSim (personal project)

Baggaley NCAA Football Computer Ranking System (personal project, not a game)

MusTAG (Music Theory Automated Grader – personal project, not a game, in progress)

Current Employer

Salt Lake Community College

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Current Title

Associate Professor of Music

Previous companies you worked for and job title there (optional)

Elacor (orchestra) – Executive Director / Producer / Lead Composer / Founding Member

Thomas C. Baggaley Music / Quest Haven Publishing – Owner / Founder / Composer

Salt Lake Pops Orchestra – VP of Business Operations / Lead Composer / French horn player