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Kristoffer Larson


Currently working at Formosa Interactive as Senior Sound Supervisor, heading up the Assets and Integration department.  Owner of Tension Studios, a full service creative and consultative studio, clients including Microsoft, Dolby Laboratories, Oculus, Undead Labs.  In the past I’ve held senior positions at Surreal Software (Midway/WB Games) and Cranky Pants Games (THQ). Previous to that, I worked at Dolby Laboratories as a Technical Evangelist working with game developers and publishers. In the wayback, I worked at various post production houses in Seattle and San Francisco.

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16 years or more

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iOS, Android, PC/MAC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Facebook


Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Director, Voiceover Artist, Sound Supervisor, Voice Direction, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Technical Sound Designer, Field Recordist, Music Editor

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Games I've worked on

Microsoft/Moon Studios – Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Senior Sound Supervisor

Pine Street Codeworks – Tiny Bubbles, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Microsoft/Undead Labs – State of Decay 2, Senior Sound Supervisor

Foxnet/Aftershock – Marvel Strikeforce, Senior Sound Supervisor

Oculus – Home 2.0, Senior Sound Supervisor for object/surface audio interaction

Oculus/Magnopus – Mission:ISS, Senior Sound Supervisor

Skyrocket Toys – Recoil, Senior Sound Supervisor

Faraday Future – FF91 electric vehicle, Senior Sound Supervisor

505 Games/Serellan LLC – Takedown: Red Sabre, Audio Director/Sound Designer/Implementer

505 Games/ZootFly – Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, Senior Sound Designer/Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Remedy – Quantum Break, Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Insomniac – Sunset Overdrive, Sound Designer

Microsoft – Project Spark, Sound Designer

Microsoft/Vangaurd Games – Halo: Spartan Assault, Sound Supervisor

Microsoft/Undead Labs – State of Decay, Sound Designer

Microsoft/343 Industries – Halo 4, Sound Designer

Microsoft/Lionhead – Fable: The Journey, System Sound Designer

Microsoft – Hololens, Sound Designer for tech prototypes

Microsoft/LucasArts – Kinect Star Wars, Cinematic Sound Designer

WB Games/Snowblind Studios – Lord of the rings: War in the North, Sound Designer/Implementer

Electrolab Games – Fight Camp, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Cranky Pants Games – Destroy All Humans 3 (uncredited), Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Cranky Pants Games – Evil Dead: Regeneration, Audio Director/Composer/Sound Designer/Implementer

Retro Studios – Metroid Prime, Sound Designer/Implementer

Crystal Dynamics – Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain, Cutscene Post Production

Crystal Dynamics – Soul Reaver 2, Cutscene Post Production

Konami – ESPN NBA 2night, Dialog Editor/Sound Designer

Konami – ESPN MLB 2night, Dialog Editor/Sound Designer

Konami – Frogger: The Great Quest (uncredited), Sound Designer

Sierra Online – Phantasmagoria, Foley Artist/Foley Editor

Microsoft – Children’s Explorapedia, Composer
Movie Credits:
Zombies of Mass Destruction, Sound Designer

Equal Impact, Main Title Composer/Foley Editor/Sound Designer
Music Credits:
Kristoffer Larson, Composer/Mixing Engineer

Information Society, Performing Musician/Stage Manager

Realtime, Composer/Mixing Engineer

Legion Within, Mixing Engineer

The Sky’s Gone Out, Mixing Engineer

Bathyscaph, Recording Engineer

Eben Eldridge, Recording Engineer

Decibel Festival, Recording Engineer

C’est la Mort, Mixing Engineer/Remix Artist

Current Employer

Formosa Interactive

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Senior Sound Supervisor

Previous companies you worked for and job title there (optional)


WB Games (Surreal Software/Midway)

Cranky Pants Games (THQ)

Dolby Laboratories




MacDonald Recording