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Hi I’m Tray I currently attend The Los Angeles Film School for Game Production. I’ve always had this infatuation with the music and sound effects of games. It all started when I was nine, when my Mom bought me and my brother a Nintendo 64. She bought him Mario 64, and i got Zelda Ocarina of Time. I let him play first, while I watched and listen to the iconic sound tracks and dialog of Mario the super plumber. Two hours had passed and then it was my turn; I made sure to remind him of that. I immediately put Zelda in the console and fell in love with the music, I was so immersed I played all night till my mom told me to sleep. That night dreamed about being Link the hero of Hyrule, and From then on I knew what I wanted to do (be an Elvish Hero). My Mom said I could be what I want, so went to school thinking I was Link. As I grew up realize it was no fun pretending, so my mind was made up I’d have to create that same experience for some other kid out there, and for me it all started with the music.

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