We are the global game audio community – without borders, without limits, and without exclusion. Help us to advance our mission, and foster excellence in audio for games and interactive media.

Objectives of the Game Audio Network Guild

  • Provide one voice to articulate, discuss and confront issues affecting the interactive audio industry
  • Build a strong community for its fellowship through an online forum, local chapters and industry-wide events
  • Celebrate accomplishment and recognize excellence within the interactive audio industry via awards, advisory committees, and achievement-based membership levels
  • Encourage the creation of excellent audio by educating interactive entertainment developers and publishers about the value and importance of excellent audio content as well as evangelizing the broadening of audio production budgets, use of professional grade equipment and the adoption of proven production techniques
  • Improve and expand production options for interactive audio projects by creating standards, developing and consulting in the development of products and forming relationships between the interactive audio community, product manufacturers and key organizations throughout the entertainment industry
  • Gather private and public grants, scholarships and funds available in support of the arts
  • Advise companies on issues related to audio for interactive media
  • Explore, create, develop, and promote ancillary profit avenues for audio intellectual property within interactive entertainment
  • Foster education in interactive audio by participating in and/or hosting seminars, presentations and panels, providing scholarships to members, producing and publishing scholarly works and assisting educational institutions with the development of a comprehensive curriculum for interactive audio
  • Legitimize the art and craft of creating and producing audio for interactive media by providing sufficient public relations support for the industry as a whole
  • Collect key data to produce statistics about the interactive audio industry for use in promoting, reporting on and improving the industry
  • Partner with other organizations to promote the industry, develop the community and tackle key issues
  • Develop and maintain a robust public resource called the Game Audio Database containing key information about the production and creation of audio content for individual interactive products
  • Provide coverage of current events and news related to the interactive audio industry for the public-at-large by reporting on said events and news and by partnering with other media outlets to achieve such ends
  • Nurture member career development through continued education, highlighting professional opportunities and job openings, and assisting in the formation of apprentice/intern relationships between established professionals and aspiring professional members
  • Provide networking opportunities for its members
  • Offer and develop a comprehensive benefits program to its members to assist in the development of their craft and/or business
  • Engage in any additional activities that promote excellence in audio

Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by game industry veterans. It is the leading organization for those involved in game audio including music, sound design, dialogue, and game development. Our mission is to support members through four pillars: Networking, Education, Advocacy, and Recognition. G.A.N.G. hosts many events throughout the year including our annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards show, Demo Derbies, webinars, panels, presentations, diversity events, and more. Most importantly, G.A.N.G. is a community where people can learn, share and grow.

In the years since its inception, the G.A.N.G. awards have become recognized as the industry’s highest recognition for sound-related achievement. But we are more than an awards show, and strives to serve its membership in multiple relevant ways that leverage the power of its broad and deep community. To do so, we have established four pillars that should always be at the foundation of any activity pursued by the organization and its leadership. The pillars are defined as follows:



We will provide the means for industry professionals and students alike to have open, productive, and well-supported discourse across all topics and concerns relating to interactive sound, our community, and the entertainment industry as a whole.



We will strive to educate and keep its membership informed about both industry history and the most current methods, technologies, and creative considerations. The organization will assist educational institutions of all kinds (both physically established and online), providing relevant, topical, and career-enabling information and resources to help train those interested in learning about game audio. Further, we will be a resource supporting education for non-audio entertainment-related professional disciplines and educational institutions, to facilitate more successful and integrated relationships and projects across the industry.



We will highlight business, technical, creative, and cultural challenges, and advocate for the inclusive, fair and ethical treatment of professionals, as well as raising the level of new achievement in game audio. We will also advocate the goals of like minded organizations and industries through focus on related products and services, particularly where this advocacy assists its membership and the industry as a whole.



We will provide recognition to the accomplishments of the professional game audio community through awards, interviews, newsletter features, podcasts, and other communication avenues. The organization will highlight and amplify peer-recognized achievement of technological and creative breakthroughs.