What is the Scholars Program?

The Scholars Program provides select highly motivated and high-achieving full-time music and sound design or audio programming students who have a passion for interactive audio with free event passes to professional conferences in the video game or audio industries.

Game Audio Network Guild Scholars show their commitment to both game audio and scholarship by submitting an application including academic sponsor, GPA, course study as well essays on how they feel attending the conference or event will impact them and their future in the industry.  Other optional essays may also be submitted.

Each applicant must provide a name, title and an contact for their Academic Sponsor.  The Academic Sponsor must be directly affiliated with the student’s institution and is usually a professor or instructor who knows the applicant well, and can provide a short, one paragraph confirmation of enrollment and why they recommend the student for the Game Audio Network Guild Scholars Program 

GDC 2024

The Game Audio Network Guild Scholars Program will be providing five GameSoundCon passes for GDC 2024.  The Scholars will be selected by the Game Audio Network Guild Officers and Advisors from among completed applications.  

Additionally, an industry mentor will be paired with the Scholar.  The mentor and Scholar will meet during the event and/or remotely in order to ensure the recipient gets the most out of the event and also to answer general industry questions they might have. Scholars will also receive a 1-year student membership to the Game Audio Network Guild.

December 20: Applications Deadline
January 8: Selected Scholars Notified
March 18-22: GDC


NOTE: Due to program limitations, we are only able to consider the first 100 applications to the program for most Game Audio Network guild Scholars events.  The Application Period may close early if we hit our application limit.1818-

• Applicants must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited (regional or national) institution and enrolled in a Associate’s (2-year minimum program), Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral program or have graduated after January 1, 2023.

• Students must be working towards music-related degree, or a technical degree with a significant emphasis on audio sequencing and design.

•  Applicants must get an Academic Sponsor from their institution. A short recommendation email must be sent from the Academic Sponsor’s “.edu” email address and also to verify the student’s enrollment in an eligible degree program.

• All applicants must be 18 or older on the first day of the event.

• Applicants are responsible for all travel arrangements, hotel, incidental expenses, etc.

• Selected Scholars may be required to write a short (1-2 page) post-conference report to be turned into their academic sponsor and to the Game Audio Network Guild for publication.

Who is eligible to become a Game Audio Network Guild Scholar?

          • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate or graduate students at an accredited (regional or national) institution and enrolled in an Associate’s (2-year minimum program),  Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral program

          • Game Audio Network Guild Scholars must be 18 years old as of March 21, 2024

I’m an audio programming student.  Can I apply?

          • You may apply as an audio programmer, provided you are able to show your coursework includes significant audio study and/or demonstrate a deep interest in interactive sound through project work.  You may submit evidence of audio programming work in lieu of the music/sound design demo when applying.  if you have musical training, please mention that as part of the application.

What if I am unable to contact my Academic Sponsor before Applications Close?

          •  Please submit your application with a tentative sponsor.  If necessary, you may change your academic sponsor after you have submitted your application.

          •  Please note, however, that your application may not be considered until we have received the confirmation email from your sponsor.

What about travel, hotel, etc.?

          • The Game Audio Network Guild Scholar Program does not provide for travel, hotel, meals or other expenses.  It provides only event registration fees

What is the “Academic Sponsor?” 

          • The Academic Sponsor is the individual at your institution who will verify your status as a student or recent graduate.  Most typically it is a professor who is familiar with you and your work.  They will need to send an email to [email protected] verifying your enrollment in one of the programs listed above.

How will my application be judged?

         • Scholar applications will be judged by members that include the Game Audio Network Guild Advisory board, Board of Directors and Officers.

         • We are looking for professionalism, commitment, scholarship and service.  Please consider the application as you would any academic application.  Use formal language, proof-read and check your spelling and grammar and ensure your ideas are clearly communicated.

         • Please read and carefully follow submission instructions. Failure to accurately follow the application instructions will negatively impact your application.

What if I have other questions?

         • Please send an email to [email protected] and we will to our best to answer any questions you may have about the G.A.N.G. Scholars program


Please prepare a well-formatted PDF file with the information below and essay question responses.  

Please set the filename to [LastName][FirstName]_ScholarsApp.pdf and send your application as an attachment to [email protected].  Specify “Game Audio Network Guild Scholars Application” as the subject line.

The application should include:

          • Full Name
          • Email contact
          • Contact Email
          • Phone
          • School
          • Degree
          • Grade Point Average (e.g 3.5/4.0) if it is used by your institution.
          • Minors (if applicable)
          • Expected Graduation Date
          •  Academic Sponsor Name, Title, Contact (usually a professor)
                    You should ask your Academic Sponsor  to send a brief letter of recommendation on your behalf to complete the application
Link to 2-minute music sample example, sound design sample or project
                    The link can be soundcloud, youtube, reelcrafter, etc.  Please link to only one specific demo (not to a web page with multiple samples) and limit the length to 120 seconds. 

Essay Questions: 

Please limit each essay to 250 words or less.

          1. What are your career objectives and how will attending the event help you to achieve them?

          2. Describe how you have helped, mentored or assisted in someone else’s development: Why is it important to have composers & sound designers help other composers and sound designers, even in an industry of intense competition such as game audio? 

          3. (optional) Please let us know anything else you believe we should know about you when considering your application.