The G.A.N.G. Portal for accepting GRAMMY submissions for the 67th GRAMMY awards (held in 2025) is open. The submission from is linked at the bottom of this page; you must be logged into your G.A.N.G. account to access the submission form. 
To ensure your submission is considered, it is critical you read the information on this page, including the required submission information.

For information on the 67th GRAMMY Awards, please visit: The section on the Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media award is on page 68.

The Game Audio Network Guild has been authorized by the Recording Academy (the group that puts on the GRAMMY Awards) to make submissions to the GRAMMY category, Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media, on behalf of people who aren’t members of the Recording Academy.

Why is G.A.N.G. doing this?
In order to submit to the GRAMMYs, a person must be a member of the Recording Academy. However, the window to apply for membership in the Recording Academy has passed. That poses a problem for people who have released game score soundtracks, but aren’t members of the Recording Academy. To ensure that everyone can have their eligible soundtrack submitted, the Recording Academy has authorized G.A.N.G. to make submissions for people who are not members of the Academy.
Please read these instructions carefully and completely. Many of us in the game community may not be familiar with the processes around the GRAMMY submission process.
Creating a submission requires some preparation, so don’t wait until the last minute! We recommend you gather all the necessary information and then complete the facilitated submission form.

Please coordinate with your team so you do not make multiple submission for the same soundtrack album

What information do I need to make a submission?
Please read the page listing required submission information

Where is the submission form?
Please see the bottom of this page

Do I need to be a member of G.A.N.G. to submit?
Yes. This service is a benefit of membership in G.A.N.G.

Are there any fees involved?
The Recording Academy charges a modest fee for each submission. We collect fees only necessary to cover that cost plus a $15 processing fee.

When are the deadlines?
To discourage a flood of last-minute submissions, the Academy fees are lower for earlier submissions. IMPORTANT: Our deadlines are earlier than the published deadlines on the Grammy website. This is to allow us time to process your submission. 
For G.A.N.G. to facilitate your submission, the you must complete the facilitated submission form below by the listed dates:
— Early Bird Pricing ($65 + $15) July 27, 11:59pm, Pacific Time
— Standard Pricing ($95 + $15)
Aug 18, 11:59pm, Pacific Time
— Final Deadline Pricing ($125 + $15)
August 26, 11:59 Pacific Time

What is the eligibility period?
The soundtrack must have been released between September 16, 2023 and August 30, 2024. The soundtrack must contain significant content from a game, DLC, etc, that was also released during the same eligibility period. Please refer to the official guidelines.

Can I have G.A.N.G. submit in any category?
No. We are only facilitating submission in the new Best Score Soundtrack for Videogames and Other Interactive Media category

Can anyone submit any soundtrack?
No. We will only make submissions on behalf of people directly involved with creation of the soundtrack itself (composer, producer, authorized individual, etc.).  

Do I have to submit through G.A.N.G?
No. There are 3 main ways you can submit for the new Game Soundtrack GRAMMY if you are not a member of the Recording Academy:
1) You can have someone who is an RA member submit on your behalf
2) Your record label may be able to submit your soundtrack
3) You can have G.A.N.G. submit on your behalf using the form at the end of this page

What are the rules and eligibility requirements?
We ask that you refer to the official GRAMMY site. It is also critical that you read the official submission information carefully, paying particular attention to the section on Game Soundtrack category on page 68.

What do I submit? The game itself?
No. The category is for soundtrack albums. A Soundtrack Album is a released, music-only soundtrack (streaming only releases are eligible). The game is not submitted as part of the process, just the official soundtrack.

If you have any questions, please reach out at grammy [at] audiogang [dot] org. 

You must be logged into your G.A.N.G. Account to access the GRAMMY submission form (below)