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Demo Derbies

Sound Design Demo Derby 2022

Sound Design Demo Derby 2022 Panelists: Scott Gershin Shannon Potter Brad Beaumont Moderator: Lucas Fehring

Music Demo Derby 2022

 Music Demo Derby 2022 Panelists- Austin Wintory Paul Lipson Tom Salta Jason Hayes Moderator: Lucas Fehring

Free Webinars

The Music and Sound Design of Arcane League of Legends

The Game Audio Network Guild hosts a webinar with the amazing team behind the music and sound of Arcane. Hosted by Lucas Fehring our special guests include Alexander Temple, Brad Beaumont, Alex Seaver, and Andre Marsh.

The Work Outside The Booth

G.A.N.G. is proud to present our first VO webinar! This will be the first in an on-going series of voice acting/recording focused webinars. We’ll be talking about how to develop your voice and prepare for work as a voice actor so that you can be successful when you make it into a recording booth. Our special guest for this Webinar is Morla Gorrondona.

Recording and Mixing Solutions​

The Recording and Mixing Solutions Webinar dives deep into some great ways to stay on top of your work when working from home. Please join Frank Wolf, John Kurlander, and Leslie Ann-Jones as we explore more of subject.

Member-Only Webinars

Bear McCreary - Composing for Narrative

In this webinar, Bear will be talking with the audience about his approach to scoring story-driven projects.

Scoring Deathloop with Tom Salta

Learn about the fascinating process of scoring the incredible triple-A title, “Deathloop” with composer Tom Salta.

Scoring The Pathless with Austin Wintory

The Scoring The Pathless Webinar will feature Austin Wintory talking about the creation of his iconic score to The Pathless.

Gareth Coker & Guy Whitmore | Ori and Will of the Wisps

In this webinar, Gareth Coker and Guy Whitmore have a conversation about the score and music implementation system for Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Scoring Films vs Games with Paul Leonard Morgan

In this webinar, Paul Leonard Morgan will be talking about his experience scoring across different screens and the unique challenges that come with scoring games vs films.

Audio Implementation Techniques for Games

We are excited to share our Webinar Audio Implementation Techniques for Games! Please join Kristoffer Larson, Nick LaMartina, and Guy Whitmore as we take a deeper dive into the subject This has been one of G.A.N.G.’s most requested webinar topics! Please Enjoy!

Composer Press Presents Key Concepts of Music Preparation

Covering everything from midi cleanup to the printed page, this webinar will help you create sheet music with greater clarity.  Featuring our wonderful guests Candy Emberley and Ryan Humphrey