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Video Game Music Reel

Hi all! I wanted to share my Video Game Music reel with everyone at G.A.N.G. If you have any music or audio needs feel free to get in touch! I’ll also be attending GDC in March – let me know if you’re attending as well and would like to meet!Elliot

Great to be here!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m thrilled and excited to have become a part of this great community of audio and musical talent!  You are the cutting edge of our industry, and it’s an honor to be here! The most exciting new development for me; I recently had the wonderful… Read more »

1st Posting

Successfully just joined G.A.N.G! Hello, everyone! Ready and avaiable to tackle new projects!

Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast

As a primer for our upcoming GDC talk, Peggle Blast! Big Concepts, Small Project, PopCap Team Audio has written a short blog series focusing on different aspects of the audio production, covering real-time synthesis, audio scripting, MIDI scoring, and more!      Jaclyn Shumate – Realtime Synthesis for Sound Creation in Peggle Blast RJ… Read more »

Raising Hell in Mobile Audio: The Sounds of Dungeon Keeper

Welcome back, Keeper.     Does the phrase, “Mobile Audio” make you shiver with dread? When your target platform is a small, relatively underpowered device with a finite power source, no hardware acceleration, and not a lot of memory, face-melting HiDef audio doesn’t always feel within reach. Instead, it’s a battle to carry out our audio craft… Read more »

Midwest G.A.N.G. Members

This is more of an “announcement” rather than a blog. I belong to a local filmmakers group here in South Bend, Indiana, that holds regular meetings, monthly workshops, film screenings, an annual film festival, and assorted movie-making activities. It has been a great experience, and also a networking nexus. I would like to know of any G.A.N.G. members in… Read more »