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Great to be here!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’m thrilled and excited to have become a part of this great community of audio and musical talent!  You are the cutting edge of our industry, and it’s an honor to be here! The most exciting new development for me; I recently had the wonderful… Read more »

Composing Signature Game Themes One of the most important skills a game composer needs is the ability to compose distinctive, compelling and memorable themes. In addition to providing the “heart and soul” of the gaming experience, a game theme is a branding device – it defines the genre, story, characters, worlds, even the target markets and platforms of… Read more »

Digital Performer 9 – Help and Discussions.

Hello Fellow GANG members, My name is Mackenzie Neumann. I’m glad to be apart of this guild and I am excited for the Future! So, allow me to choose Digital Performer 9 as my first blog subject. I,ve currently been really delving into the finer details of this DAW and I’m extremely impressed. Now, I… Read more »