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Nominate Global Music Categories

Music of the Year
Best Original Soundtrack Album
Best Music in a Casual/Social Game

Nominate Individual Music Categories

Best Original Instrumental
Best Original Vocal Song – Pop
Best Original Vocal Song – Choral
Best Game Cover/Remix

Nominate Audio and Sound Design

Audio of the Year
Sound Design of the Year
Best Interactive Score
Best Handheld Audio
Best Cinematic Cutscene Audio
Best Dialog
Best Game Audio Article, Publication, or Broadcast
Best Audio Mix
Best Audio for an Indie Game
Best Sound Design in a Casual/Social Game


Thank you for being part of the G.A.N.G. Awards nomination process!

Please read the brief instructions below carefully. Doing so will ensure you nomination will be properly entered for consideration.

1)      When making a nomination you must have the following information

All Entries
Name of Game
Developer (optional)
Link to example of content (youtube/soundcloud/ iTunes, etc.)

For music awards, you must also provide

For Best Game/Cover Remix, you must also provide:

Original Composer

2)      Verify  that your nomination was released for the first time in calendar year 2015.

3)      For “Best audio for an Indie Game,” please verify that it was NOT published or funded by a third party publisher; “Indie” games are self-published/funded (including kickstarter, etc.)

You may nominate others’ work.  However, before doing so, please contact the composer and/or developer to ensure that they haven’t already submitted the work.

If the same work is submitted by the composer/publisher and another party, we will use the submission from the original composer/publisher.

You may enter multiple musical selections from a single title, but note that it has been our experience that a title is best represented by a single entry, so as not to dilute votes. If multiple nominations for a single title are made by someone other than the composer/publisher, the composer/publisher will have the option of picking a single entry for the title.

Thank you again for participating in the 2015 G.A.N.G. Awards Process!
Brian Schmidt
President, Game Audio Network Guild