Member Spotlight – Penka Kouneva

This month, we are happy to share the story of one of our members, Penka Kouneva. Penka has been a pillar of the game audio community for the last decade, constantly sharing her knowledge and experience with those that are looking for advice. EL: Tell us about your journey. Where did you begin your path… Read more »

Materia Collective – From Community to Publishing House and Label

Materia Collective celebrated their 3rd anniversary as a company at Optimism Brewing Company in Seattle, WA. Materia Collective is a community that started from passionate artists that wanted to create music together. Today, it is now one of the leading labels and publishers in the game music space. We got to talk with founder Sebastian… Read more »

Sound Matters – Develop Conference Interview with John Broomhall

Composer, game audio specialist and Game Music Connect co-founder John Broomhall curates and hosts the annual audio day at the Develop Conference in Brighton – the largest gathering of videogame talent in the UK – which attracts developers from all around the world.  We had the opportunity to chat with him about what took place… Read more »

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