Damage Vault remix contest

Damage Vault and FiXT Remix have joined forces to bring you a
brand new  offering in the “Versus” series of remix contests. On Monday,
March 8
, you’ll be able to download stems from the song “DAMAGED”,
featured on Damage Vault’s Volume 1 release – The contest will be open for 1
Month, and winners will be featured on an upcoming official Remix Compilation.




About the FiXT Remix Versus

The Versus Series is a new contest area where we will be
hosting a growing number of short-run contests. Each contest will have only 1
month of open submissions. Fans/Remixers can rate and freely download remixes
like in our standard FiXT Remix contest series, but in the Versus series there
are no major sponsors, prizes or voting – rather, the goal is to be hand
selected by the Artist/Label hosting the contest to have your mix included as a
hand-picked-favorite on an official Remix Compilation. The remix stem files in
the Versus Series do not remain available for download after the submission
phase, so get in and grab files while the listing is marked as OPEN!


About Damage

Damage Vault is a new
trans-media entity started by composers Kevin Riepl and Otto Cate,
and partnering with Heavyocity Media, founded by composers Dave
and Neil Goldberg, that provides cutting edge sonic
experiences for a multitude of media outlets – including, but not limited to,
film/tv/advertising, and video games.Gathering strength from an emphasis on
collaboration, Damage Vault has set the stage to become a full on media provider
offering experiences from all artistic mediums; from musicians, sound-designers,
artists, producers, directors, photographers etc., that draw their influence and
inspiration from the many dark corners within the Damage