Dorian Recordings ‘Award of Excellence’

Dorian Recordings,, a subsidiary of Sono Luminus,
was given an ‘Award of Excellence’ at the 31st International Audio
Engineering Society Conference, in London, England using discWelder
CHROME II and SurCode MLP.

purpose of the competition was to exhibit and review the finest high
resolution audio in the world. Our preferred format is DVD-A so we
wanted to make sure we entered our best music at the best quality
possible. We used the SurCode™ MLP program to pack the Linear PCM audio
into a MLP format", said Brandie Lane, Audio Engineer for Dorian.

was as easy as assigning the files to the channels and pressing the
Encode button. No worries about weird settings or whether the encoder
was going to freeze."

"I had no
previous experience encoding and authoring DVDs. Both programs
(discWelder CHROME II and SurCode MLP) were so easy to use that I was
able to burn my authored DVD in a matter of minutes and I was able to
trust that all of my audio was going to be in the right channels and
sound exactly the way it would in my ProTools session."

went on to say that, "Dorian only uses the best equipment and keeps the
highest of standards. We wanted to use authoring software that was easy
to operate and guaranteed a high fidelity authored disc without any
degradation of quality. There are many other programs that offer
authoring services, but we knew that discWelder Chrome would give us
the most accurate and best sound possible from a DVD-A."

is also committed to ‘education of the consumer’ and continued research
and delivery of the highest-resolution recordings. By working with
artists and teaching the public about better recording techniques and
playback systems, Dorian strives to raise the standards of recorded
music. To fully embrace these standards, we choose Minnetonka products."

CHROME II and SurCode MLP are available through MASI’s international
network of pro audio resellers and our webstore:

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