Simultaneously providing a new revenue stream for game developers, new fans for musicians, and new music for gamers is no small feat, but Portland-based Atomicon has done just that with the release of the first-ever game music compilation album consisting entirely of music from mobile games.(More after the jump…)

As a digital-only release primarily targeting users of Apple’s iOS devices, and offered for sale within the participating games, the album fits neatly within the iTunes ecosystem and serves as a model for other game developers and composers, who stand to gain new revenue by marketing directly to the music buyer that would be most interested in the product. “We’re very excited about the possibility of accessing music fans from right inside the games. The ability to have an in-game link that goes directly to the iTunes store, which downloads straight to the user’s music library, all within the same device, is really pretty cool,” says David Weiner, executive producer and composer at Atomicon.

The album, entitled “1337 Mobile Game Music – Volume 1”, features eleven tracks from five different composers and eight different games, including iBlast Moki and StarDunk (from Godzilab Games), Galcon (from developer Phil Hassey), Geospark (Imangi Studios), Compression (Little White Bear Studios), Spazzle II (Fairlady Media), Marblenauts (Crescent Flare), and Super 7 (No Monkeys). Citing his reason for releasing the album, David Weiner stated, “There are thousands of games in the app store with music, but most of it is just stock library stuff. We think that the best game music is composed specifically for a game, so we wanted to feature some of the best out there”. Several of Weiner’s tracks are included on the album, as well as four from well known game composer Romain “NinoMojo” Gauthier, two from popular iPhone composer Mike Weiser, and one each from developer/composer Natalia Luckyanova of Imangi Studios and composer Tim Inge. The album is available through iTunes, as well as other online retailers, including Amazon, eMusic, Napster, and Rhapsody.

About Atomicon:

Atomicon is an independent music and sound design company based in the Pacific Northwest, with a growing network of composers and sound designers worldwide. Besides their work in TV, film, multimedia, and commercials, they have scored over a dozen games for the iOS platform.

About the developers:

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