G.A.N.G. Demo Derby

Greetings all!

Our GDC Demo Derbies are fast approaching, and its time to prepare your very best work! This is your chance to have your music, sound design, vo, or other sonic insanity critiqued by some of the sharpest ears and minds in the business. If you are planning on attending GDC this year, these panels are not to be missed, and a reason to be at GDC!

Here are the Details:

GANG Sound Design Demo Derby

Paul Lipson (President, The Game Audio Network Guild), Tim Larkin (Audio Director, Cyan Worlds), Gene Semel, i.e.s.d (Senior Manager, Sound Group, SCEA), Russell Brower, i.e.s.d (Director of Audio and Video, Blizzard Entertainment), Scott Gershin, i.e.s.d (Creative Director, Soundelux Design Music Group)

Date/Time: Thursday (February 21, 2008) 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Location (room): Room 2024, West Hall

GANG Music Demo Derby

Paul Lipson (President, The Game Audio Network Guild), Chuck Doud (Music Director, SCEA), Bob Rice (Founder and CEO, Four Bars Intertainment), Chance Thomas (Studio Audio Director, Electronic Arts, HUGEsound), Jason Hayes (Audio Director / Composer, NCsoft Orange County)

Date/Time: Friday (February 22, 2008) 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Location (room): Room 2024, West Hall

In preparation for this years Music and Sond Design derbies, please consider the following submission guidelines:

– You must be a G.A.N.G. member in order to participate (duh)

– Your name must be clearly printed on your CD/DVD and jewel case.

– Your work must be sixty (60) seconds or less. Don’t risk embarrassment by ignoring this requirement…(recorded cross-fades are fine; don’t stress!)

– Please have your work cued up to track one (1) of your CD/DVD. Due to the amount of submissions, we won’t have time to find track 6, 1:35-2:29, etc…

– You must have a GDC pass in order to participate in the Derby (not an expo-only pass…sorry!).

Submissions are first-come, first-served via a signup list placed outside the room starting at 9:00 am. We regret that the number of submissions might preclude you from being heard, so be prompt and sign up early! Contact Sean Beeson [email protected] if you have any further questions!

I look forward to seeing all of you at GDC! Also, do not forget the GANG Awards on Thursday night, followed by VGL on Friday!



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