G.A.N.G. MAGFest Remix Competition

On January 7th, we held the first ever G.A.N.G. Remix Competition at MAGfest, the Music and Gaming Festival held annually in National Harbor, MD. The event was a smashing success, heavily attended, and featured live music performances by the Videri String Quartet and Disco Cactus and software prize packages for the winners from our generous sponsors Acon Digital, boz-n Digital Labs, K Research and Sugar Bytes.

Results of the competition (Finalists and Winners)
Winner in Catgory*

Best Symphonic/Orchestral Remix
It’s Raining Somewhere Else – John Robert Matz*
Snowden – Thomas Kresge
L/Histoire d’un Mercenaire – John Robert Matz
A Ruthless Truth – John Robert Matz

Best Acoustic/Chamber Remix
Undertale Variations – Doug Perry*
Another Mediume/CORE – David Peacock
Ori and the Blind Forest Suite – Videri String Quartet
Snowman – Patti Rudisill

Best Vocal Remix
DK Rap – Tom Rosko*
Radical Dreamers – Pyjamapantsmusic
All the Earth – John Robert Matz
Listen to the Cries of the Planet – Pyjamapantsmusic

BestSamples/Hybrid Remix
I Lost My Beat in the Woods – Dan DeSimone*
Escaping the Ruins – SonikBuster
[REDACTED] – Ben Wallace
Requiem – Michael Hoffmann

Best Chiptunes/Retro Remix
Metroid Main Title – Tom Salta*
Party Hard Main Theme 2 – Craig Barnes
Eccos – Marshall Art
Long Way to New Home – Marshall Art

Best Rock/Metal Remix
Zelda Dungeon Theme – Louie Aronowitz*
Trichotomy (Trisection) – Sean Schafianski
Premonition of a Flower – Wyrgan
[REDACTED] – Ben Wallace

Best Jazz Remix
Champion Cynthia – insaneintherainmusic*
Garage Dump Stomp – Sam Bobinski
It’s Raining Somewhere Else – John Robert Matz
A Road You Can Go – Discocactus

Best Remix Album
Live at Grillby’s – insaneintherainmusic*
SONG CYCLE: The History of Video Games – Materia Collective
Ultima Phantasia – Triforce Quartet
FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute – Materia Collective
Chrono Trigger – Sean Schafianski

Congratulations to all who submitted to our Competition and who came to our event at MAGfest to see the results and mingle afterwards. The judges were blown away by such a wide variety of talent and passion for video game music and we can’t wait to see how big this grows next year!

Photo Gallery from our event on our Facebook Group

Acon Digital, boz-n Digital Labs, K Research and Sugar Bytes

Judges, Organizers and Support:
Spencer Bambrick, Bonnie Bogovich, Alexander Brandon,
Savina Ciaramella, Gareth Coker, Dren McDonald, Laura Intravia,
Tommy Rosati, Tom Salta, Richard Savery, Ashley Lynn Watts

Live Performers:
Videri String Quartet and Disco Cactus

The Magfest Crew and Steph