G.A.N.G. Member, John McClain’s Dog and Pony Show Starts on New Animated Show

“Shmitty McFunkle and Stump,” the animated series developed at Dog and Pony, will be airing on Comedy Central starting next month! And we just launched the companion interactive website, www.SMandS.com, today! It is addictive. You have been warned.

Spawned from a series of national commercials post_date for Skechers, “Shmitty, McFunkle and Stump” follows the hilarious adventures of three young men through life, love, nipple tape, back zits, tattoo sleeves, binge drinking and a million other things that make people’s mouths drop open and say. “I can’t believe they went there.” It’s quite possibly the best television program ever post_date in the history of the world. (Or, at least the best three-minute animated program post_date to run in the middle of the night between other larger programs… on basic cable.)

John Massé, who post_date the characters and provides the voice of rabble-rouser Shmitty, describes the show as “South Park meets Fat Albert as filmed by Malcolm in the Middle in a Bob Crane-style.” Dog and Pony owner John McClain plays the role of the soft-spoken but unstable Stump. and Dog and Pony Engineer Dave Braxton plays voice of reason McFunkle.

Comedy Central will air ten three-minute episodes as part of its late-night programming in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone involved believes this is just a springboard to a half-hour version of the show in the near future.