G.A.N.G. Overwatch/Dolby Event Video

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On the 25th of August G.A.N.G. hosted a presentation on Overwatch and Dolby Atmos Event held at Dolby Laboratories in Burbank. After posting the event we instantly filled over the half of the available seats and by the time of the event we reached full capacity.

Charles Mok who drove down from San Francisco for the event had this to say: “The greatest part was how the audio team shared their tricks without reserve. They must have spent countless hours thinking about the problems on hand, but the final solutions were so elegant yet simple and readily applicable in other games.”

Adam Boyd from Technicolor was the recipient of the giveaway at our event, which was a bundle from Music Marketing with audio software from D16 Group Audio Software, Sony Creative Software, FabFilter Software Instruments and Wave Arts valued at $2335.

The Audio Team at Blizzard Entertainment
Michael Jessup, Lori Solomon and Rob Alvarez at Dolby Laboratories
Savina Ciaramella and Richard Savery at the Game Audio Network Guild
The Members of G.A.N.G. and our generous Sponsors and Affiliate Partners
Hassan Estakhrian, Videographer
Sound Librarian, Video Hosting

Audio Bundle Giveaway Sponsors:
Paul Fattahi, Music Marketing
Sony Creative Software
D16 Group Audio
Wave Arts