GANG member’s game studio announces Critter Cubes

GANG member, George Hufnagl, is leading a new game company who have an announcement about their upcoming game, Critter Cubes. More after the jump…

In early July this year, George Hufnagl’s game development group My Escape was joined by professional designer and animator Dave Rigley. During the team’s typical meetings in virtual offices, this over-excited Canadian artist revealed that his heart was fixated on starting a zoo in Antartica. With disastrous consequences that later ensued, the team now calls for help to save the poor frozen animals by stacking them on a boat and shipping them safely home. Critter Cubes, the team assures, is addictive and fun when one starts to stack the cubes as high as is single-handedly possible without toppling over. With the game’s objective, art, and nature, Critter Cubes keeps consistent with the company’s brand image of peculiar and strange, yet giggle-worthy.

Critter Cubes is confirmed to deliver as My Escape’s first micro title – a single-screen game that requires minimal finger dexterity. The team is also taking their first foray into competition – with Critter Cubes participating in Adobe’s recent mobile game contests on Kongregate, Mochi Games and Flash Game License websites. post_date using Flash/Actionscript and Box 2D Physics Engine, Critter Cubes will be available on mobile devices with a deluxe web version aimed for release in the fourth quarter of 2010.

With Critter Cubes ready for release, My Escape’s plans have kept them busy. As the group looks to create bigger, better and more peculiar-themed games in the future, this trajectory takes them through the next year in planning to release three more titles including the puzzle-driven Krong and the misfit-focused Secondhand Heroes.