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Uncharted 2 GANG Winter Summit

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This past December, Pyramind Studios hosted the second GANG summit. "Uncharted 2" was featured this time, with the audio team from Naughty Dog/Sony’s remarkable game.

Here’s a brief wrap of the events…


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GANG Members with GDC Sessions

Attention G.A.N.G. members! If you will be at GDC in San Francisco this March, and will be on a panel, or leading a session or two, please let us know. The following info would be requested:

Member Name

Session Title

Brief Description




Please email this information to [email protected]


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Interview with Chance Thomas

chance thomas

Chance Thomas (Avatar the Game, Lord of the Rings Online), was recently the Keynote Speaker at GameSoundCon and was kind enough to answer a few questions for GANG.

The interview can be found here, where Chance discusses Avatar, Rock Band technique and his keynote address.



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8th Annual S/A Competition Incoming!

Be on the lookout in your inbox and the forums for the theme and guidelines for the 8th Annual Student and Apprentice Competition!

It will begin shortly, so get your keyboards and microphones pumped and ready for action!! Put on your creative hat, because this year, we have killer prizes from Nine Volt Audio and SoundRangers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sean Beeson at [email protected]


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GDC announces new Audio Sessions

gdc 2010New GDC audio sessions were recently announced with talks from the teams who worked on Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy XIII and Halo. More info here.

Another panel featuring GANG members, Tom Salta, Chance Thomas, Marty O’Donnell, Jason Hayes, and Laura Karpman called "The Musical Recipe of Emotion"

In "The Musical Recipe for Emotion", Tom Salta and an elite panel of Emmy and Award winning composers, will openly discuss and demonstrate their “recipes” for creating music intended to evoke specific emotions, including video clips and audio examples from various AAA games and award winning television shows.

Sounds great!

The 2010 San Francisco GDC is now offering the Audio Pass again, and you can see the details for the Audio track pass here at the GDC site.

And go here to retrieve the GANG GDC Discount code for $50 off!



See ya at GDC!

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My Day at NAMM 2010

So the good folks at NAMM gave me (that’s me, Dren, your humble newsletter editor) a press pass to this year’s show, allowing me to cover some of the NAMM goings on for our fine GANG members. Honestly, I hadn’t been to the show since the 80’s, back when it was swarming with hair bands and groupies. Oddly enough, a lot of those folks were still there, and haven’t aged too gracefully (I should’ve taken pictures.).

More of my day continued here…

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Sound Rangers GANG Discount

sound rangers

Because you are a member of G.A.N.G. you can now receive 20% off your total purchase at Sound

Log in to the GANG site for your coupon code and get 20% of your Sound Rangers purchase at checkout!


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