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Izotope Joins GANG as a New Sponsor!

Cue the New Q-Challenge!


The Game Audio Network Guild is happy to announce it’s newest sponsorship partner, iZotope!

iZotope is known to many of us in game audio for their innovative products such as iZotope RX2, Ozone, Trash, Iris, Alloy and Stutter Edit. GANG is excited to welcome iZotope aboard, and we’re launching the event with a new GANG "Q Challenge"!

The GANG Q Challenge has been a quarterly contest, each with a new theme, and it encourages members to collaborate on small projects together and promote the community spirit of our game audio network. The challenge is open to all members, in all levels, and once the final submissions are posted, all participants and other members vote on their favorite submissions.

This quarter’s challenge requires the use of either (or both) iZotope’s Iris and iZotope’s Trash 2. iZotope has provided GANG with special extended trial serial numbers (details in the link below) so you have a bit longer to check out the software and make something cool with it!

1st Prize: Iris+5 & Trash 2 plus a new sample library from Strezov Sampling!,
2nd prize: Iris plus trash 2 plus a new library from Strezov Sampling!
3rd prize: Trash 2

This is a great chance to interact with fellow members, make something fun and learn some new software with a chance to win some great prizes!

Our thanks again to iZotope!
Details for the Q Challenge can be found here

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Remembrances of Normand Corbeil

We are saddened at the loss of an important musical voice and friend in our community. Normand Corbeil passed away earlier this week after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer. Normand was a vastly talented and prolific composer capable of deep and powerful expression.

In addition to many game, film and TV scores, he composed the scores for Paris developer Quantic Dream’s Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, the latter soundtrack earning worldwide acclaim and both AIAS and BAFTA awards for Best Original Score in 2011. Normand was working on Quantic Dream’s upcoming post_title, Beyond: Two Souls up until his death.

Normand was born on April 6, 1956 in Montreal. Normand’s longtime producer, recording and mixing engineer, Jonathan Allen recounted, “Normand was one of the most musical and talented composers I’ve had the privilege to work with. The saddest part of him passing away so early is the thought of the wonderful music we’ll never hear.”

London orchestra contractor, Isobel Griffiths remarked, “Normand was a lovely, kind and sincere man who was all about the music – he will be missed by everyone who worked with him.” Quantic Dream Founder and co-CEO, David Cage, said, “Normand was much more than a talented composer. He was one of the nicest persons I ever worked with. We will miss him a lot. He left us his music and the memory of a wonderful man. Bon vent, Normand.”

Please visit this page with more kind words and quotes about Normand.

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GDC Demo Derby Submissions!

We have a date for you if you are submitting a demo for the Demo Derbies at GDC this year (Sound Design, Music or both). On February 4th, by noon (Pacific time) we will have a link posted IN THE FORUMS for you to post your files to if you plan on participating this year.

REMEMBER, you MUST be in attendence at GDC this March, in San Francisco, otherwise there won’t be much point to reviewing your work without you being there.

AUDIO FILES for Music Derby: 1 file, 320 kpbs MP3, 60 seconds or less

VIDEO FILES for Sound Design Derby: 1 file, Quick Time (.mov file) 1280×720 or less, stereo 44.1 audio – 120 seconds or less.

If you’d like to use video in the music derby, that’s fine, just use the video format list (but keep it under 60 seconds as that’s a requirement for the music derby.) If you’d like to do audio only for the sound design derby, that’s fine, just use the audio format listed above.

file name formatted as

"MUSIC(if Music derby)_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.mp3" or
"SOUND(if Sound Deisgn derby)"

Please see this article for more information on the derby. There is NO judging of submissions, and all submissions are considered part of the panel once submitted unless we get too many. It is handled on a first come, first served basis.

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GDC Student/Apprentice Contest Announced

For the last 10 years GANG has included the Student/Apprentice Contest as part of the GANG Awards during the Game Developers Conference, and this year is no exception!

Please go to this page for the very specific rules of this year’s contest. We must have your final audio files for the contest byMarch 4th. Voting for this year’s winners will take place soon after, and the winners will be announced at the GANG Awards, held at GDC on March 28th at 7pm.

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G.A.N.G. Discounts in Effect


Because you are a member of G.A.N.G. you can now receive any of these amazing and generous discounts!

GANG GDC $50 off Audio Pass code

PRO SOUND EFFECTS Offers a New 20% Discount to GANG Members

SoundCloud Offers a NewDiscount to GANG Members

CAMEL Audio 25% off GANG Discount

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