GANG Townhall 2011 Notes

Here are the details from the GANG Townhall meeting of 2011, June 6th at Dolby Labs, Burbank, CA

First: New GANG board members announced.

Russell Brower (Acitvision/Blizzard)

Sal Farina (Sumthing Else MusicWorks)

Steve Schnur (EA)

Second: GDC Demo Derby Changes

We will now be accepting submissions for the GDC Demo Derbies Online 1 month prior to GDC. The submissions will then be embedded into a power point presentation, with the composer/sound designer’s name, website, contact info etc and a brief sentence about the piece. The submission can be a video with audio or audio only. This will eliminate a lot of the time in the session that is taken to cue up each piece, and introduce each piece. Also, every participant will know if they will have their piece heard. Full information will be posted by the end of 2011.

Third: New GANG Award category

We are replacing the “Best Audio Other” category (which was a little vague) by the new category, Best Audio in Casual, Social or Indie game (CSI)! So this will apply to any Facebook game, Casual game, or Independently developed game.

Fourth: Grammy Update

This year the Grammy awards are friendly to video game soundtracks! There is not yet a video game soundtrack category, but game soundtracks may be submitted to other categories for consideration. For members of NARAS, you may visit their website for more information.

Fifth: GVAC members

Morla Gorrondona

Chip Beaman

Alexander Brandon

Jacquie Shriver

David Chan

Sixth: IESD member update

Rob Bridgett

Kenneth Young

Scott Selfon

Seventh: GANG Website Capital Campaign

This year GANG is putting a focus on improving our website. We are looking for sponsorships t help us with this, and to our membership to contribute anywhere from $5-$50 dollars. We are aware of the problems with the site, and we hope to tackle those problems head on this year. There are various prizes affiliated with each contribution level, and these can all be viewed here

Eigth: GANG 10th Year Anniversary

Hard to believe, but this is GANG’s 10th anniversary! You’ll be hearing about some big stuff for 2012’s GDC GANG awards and party, as well as other special events celebrating this milestone (see what I did there?) There’s also a new GANG 10 year Anniversary logo!