The Game Plan: GDC

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Heading to GDC? Not sure what to do? Where to go? Who to see? Here’s a good place to start!

Join over 20,000 other game developers for a week of knowledge sharing, networking, and celebration of games. Don’t forget to check out the Member Perks page for a code to get 10% off an Audio Pass at GDC.


Every year at the conference, we have the opportunity to allow sound designers and composers to share their work in front of a panel of industry veterans. This year is no different! If you have a 2 minute sound design demo, and or a 1 minute music track you want to share, head to the Demo Derby page for more instructions! We highly encourage people to get their submissions in as soon as possible, as the order of appearance is based on when submissions are received. There is not always enough time to get through every demo, so please get yours in as early as is convenient!


Also at GDC is the G.A.N.G. Awards show! The event takes place at 7:30 PM on Thursday, March 21st on the 2nd floor of Moscone West. Come by at 7:00 PM for opportunities to take photos on the Red Carpet! For a list of the finalists, visit the 2019 G.A.N.G. Awards page.


There will be plenty of sessions featuring many members of G.A.N.G. throughout the week. Don’t forget to check out Dolby at GDC sessions during the week! Since GDC is in San Francisco, it would be very remiss of us not to mention that Senheisser is also in town! RSVP to their Ambeo Showcase at their location!

For a full list of sessions featuring game audio, check out the GDC Conference Session Schedule!