iPhone Game Soundtracks Revenue Stream


Atomicon, in association with the Iconfactory and DS Media Labs, has released the original soundtrack for the hit iPhone game “Ramp Champ”, representing a new source of music for gamers, and a new source of revenue for musicians and composers. As a digital-only release, and available through the iTunes music store, the album fits neatly within the iTunes ecosystem, enabling game and music fans to easily purchase the soundtrack directly though the game. “We’re very excited about the possibility of accessing music fans from right inside the game. The ability to have in-game purchasing, or even just a link directly to the iTunes store, which downloads straight to the user’s music library, all within the same device, is really pretty cool,” says David Weiner, executive producer and composer at Atomicon, which released the album.

As the first ever iPhone game soundtrack released for sale through iTunes and offered for sale in-game, the Ramp Champ Original Soundtrack serves as a model for other game developers and composers, who can potentially gain an extra revenue stream by marketing directly to the buyer that would be most interested in the product.

The Ramp Champ Original Soundtrack features sixteen tracks from the game, composed by Noe Ruiz, David J. Weiner, and Mike Weiser, including two remix versions and a never-before-heard bonus track. On producing the music for the game, Gedeon Maheux of the Iconfactory states, “Collaborating with Noe, David and Mike on the music for Ramp Champ was, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding things I’ve done during my time at the Iconfactory.” Covering a wide variety of styles, including electronica, orchestral, jazz, circus, and pirate music, the soundtrack has been met with rave reviews from gamers and press alike. It is also available through iTunes, as well as other online retailers, including Amazon, eMusic, Napster, and Rhapsody.