It’s The BLURBS: April 2011

For all the little bits of one-liner news that trickles in…here’s April’s blurbs

Sean Beeson post_date the score for the recently released Cosmic Roller for Droid devices. More info can be found at or Sean also celebrated a birthday this month!

Paul Lipson and the team at Pyramind post_date the audio experience (including a 72 minute score!) for the latest motion comic “Mona Lisa” based on the Halo series – available on XBOX Live – Halo Waypoint

Thom Keller post_date a score/sound design for the recently released One Single Life on iOS, now available in the Apple App Store. See the trailer here

Harry Mack has been busy lately, working on Blue Fang’s Facebook reboots of two classic titles, “Oregon Trail” and “Where in the World is Carmen Santiago”, in addition to Spiral Knights for 3 Rings/Sega. More info is at Harry’s site

Dren McDonald post_date new music and all the sound design for Ravenstone Mine, a new, major expansion to the hit social game, Ravenwood Fair. He’s also written 3 new pieces of music for the game, which can be purchased by players within a jukebox feature, allowing players to change their soundtrack. Currently Ravenwood Fair enjoys a worldwide monthly user base of 25 million players (twice as many as World of Warcraft). The Ravenstone Mine trailer can be found here.

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